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Savva Viktor Konstantinovich

   General Director of the St. Petersburg Cardboard and Polygraphics Complex.
   Born October 19, 1947. After graduating from high school in Zvenigorod of the Cherkassk district, he was admitted to the Faculty of Industrial Heating of the Leningrad Institute of Paper Technology. After successfully completing the course of studies and receiving an engineer's specialization, Viktor Konstantinovich was assigned by the Institute to work as the Manager of Steam Machinery at the Kamennogorsk Paper Factory of the Institute. In 1977 he was appointed Chief Mechanic of the plant. In three years he found himself at the construction site of the Leningrad Cardboard Factory, that was being built at the time. He initially worked as the Director of the Heating Section and Chief Mechanic, later as an Aide to Chief Production Engineer, and finally as Chief Engineer and Technical Director. On July 23 1996 Viktor Konstantinovich was appointed General Director of the St. Petersburg Cardboard and Polygraphics Complex by the company's Board of Directors.
   His contributions to the technical development of the factory was marked in 1983 by the government medal "For excellence in work". His creative energy, goal-orientation, professional sensibility and experience have manifested themselves fully during the period of the factory's reconstruction as a part of an investment program. Under his direct leadership over the period of three years all of the factory's facilities for the preparation of recycled paper mass were renovated, several units were modernized, new equipment was installed, capable of outputting high-quality products unmatched by any domestic producer on the market.
   Today the General Director's thoughts are directed towards the future of the factory. His activities are supported by the Board of Directors as well as the workers.
   The St. Petersburg Cardboard and Poplygraphics Complex is the only factory in Russia that has fully modern technologies (operating since 1982) for the production of recycled cardboard.
   Today, a wide selection of the Complex's output is bought steadily due to its undisputed attractiveness to consumers in comparison to any other similar products. For instance, the factory is considered one of the best in Russia in terms of the quality of packaging cardboard, its produce is sold for fixed prices, delivery deadlines are always observed. THe factory's stable financial situation allows it to meet the raw material expenses, pay its workers salaries, all in due time, and still put away money for production growth.
   The factory has broad perspectives of growth. It presently consists of cardboard production facilities producing 200 thousand tons of cardboard a year, polygraphics facilities (equipped with machinery for ... and ... printing) processing 50 thousand tons of cardboard (yearly), a (riveted) cardboard facility. Since the 1990's, a complete renovation of both the cardboard and the polygraphics equipment has been going on in the factory. All production is done with the use of modern techniques, on imported quality equipment, with maximal utilization of recycled materials and observance of ecological demands. Cardboard produced at the Complex is used to make cartons and packaging for foods, detergents, make-up, medicines, shoes, toys, and other household objects. Petro Board Trading company is one of St. Petersburg Cardboard Complex's permanent trading partners.

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