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Shmakov, Sergey Pavlovich

    Born April 15, 1937 in Feodosiya (Crimea). Since 1937 has been Living in St.Petersburg.
    Graduated from the secondary art school of the USSR Academy of Arts(1956).
    In 1962 graduated from the Architectural faculty of the Leningrad Repin Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Institute.
    From 1958to1960 studied at the architectural faculty of the Prague Polytechnical Institute (Czechia).
    From 1958 to 1960 studied at the Architectural Faculty of the Leningrad Repin Painting Sculpture and Architecture Institute, where worked at the town designing projects. The main works of that period are the projects of the centres of such cities as Bugulma (Tatarstan), Khabarovsc, Vladivostok, and the general plan of Bolshoy Kamen in the Far East.
    Since 1965 has wored at the joint-stock company "LenProject"- the main engineering firm, which is a leading one in designing and constructing in St.Petersburg.
    Since 1989 has headed the design workshop #3, which is specialized on sports and entertainment establishments. Nowadays, under the conditions of market, the Workshop provides any projects of civil constructing.
    There are about 100 author's works including constructions and projects. The kindergarten on 140 places in the historical downtown, sports school for children, a complex of flats with some kindergartens and the new St.Petersburg TV centre in the northern part of the city. Blocks of flats in Moskovsky district and Dolgoe Lake district are among his works. At present a small stage of Pushkin Academic Theatre and Flat blocks (150 flats) are being built in the St.Petersburg suburb Pushkin. Tribunes of two main stadiums of the city ("Petrovsky" and "Kirov"), the Vyborg Puppet Theatre and one dozen sports sets designed when our city was proposed as a city of Olympic 2004 Games - all these projects were not carried out.
    Participates in architectural contests in Russia and abroad. The last ones were the building of the city Varna (Bulgaria), the Lapland Museum in Rovaniemy (Finland), the port terminal in Yokohama, the building of the centre of the new Belgrad (Yugoslavia).
    Sergey Pavlovich has about 50 publitistic works on architecture, speeches on the radio and television, scripts of TV films on the architecture of the city.
    Member of the Board Secretary of the St.Petersburg Union of Architects. Member of the Board Presidium of Russian Union of Architects.
    Vice-President of the St.Petersburg License Centre. Corresponding member of the International Academy of Architecture.
    Adviser of the Russian Academy of Architecture. Winner of the Russian State Prize. Honourary Architect of Russia.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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