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Skobara Vyacheslav Vladimirovich

Vyacheslav Skobara was born on February 1, 1949 in Krasnodar Region, graduated from Rostov Institute of National Economy, worked in Krasnodar Territorial Executive Committee and later as a chief accountant in the field of construction starting with the lowest branch to central administrative board.

Now Doctor of Economic Sciences, A cademician of the International Academy of Practical Economy, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Sciences “Problems of Intellectual Development”, Head of basic accounting and audit department of St.-Petersburg State Academy of Service and Economics, General Director of Closed Joint Stock Company “Petro-Balt-Audit”, General Director of North-West Territorial Institute of Professional Accountants, member of Audit Activity Board of Minfin of Russia, Member of the Methodological Accounting Board of Minfin of Russia and International Financial Reporting Standards Board, Member of Free Economic Society of Russia , Member of Investment Policy Committee of Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Vyacheslav Skobara is awarded with: a diploma of the Second Moscow accounting forum “Accounting Elite of Russia”, a diploma “International Recognition” of the International forum “Global experience and economy of Russia”, a diploma “Civil Confidence” of the International league of economists, t he International Jubilee Medal “Luca Pacioli” for active participation in elaboration and realization of global theory and practice of accounting. Vyacheslav Skobara is the winner of the Russian competition “Manager of a year – 2003” in nomination of “Audit and Consulting”.

Under his leadership and with immediate participation were created the North-West Territorial Institute of Professional Accountants and Institute of Economy and Law realizing educational programs of qualification improvement of specialists in the field of economy and finance. Vyacheslav Skobara is the author of a number of national audit standards drafts and of more than 80 scientific, training and methodological works in the field of economy, law, audit and accounting.

Sometimes Vyacheslav Skobara has rare holidays, when it is possible to go fishing or hunting. He likes very much to go out of the city together with his family. Vyacheslav Skobara thinks that the main guarantee of success is first of all an idea, desire to realize it, appropriate knowledge, capacity for work and the most important – reliable partners.


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