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Spassky, Igor Dmitrievich

Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Science. Chief-General Designer of the Central Design Marine Engineering "Rubin" Office.
    Born August 2, 1926 in Bogorodskoe, Moscow Province into the family clerks.
    Graduated from the High Dzerzhynsky Marine Engineering School.
    From 1949 to 1950 served on a cruise "Frunze" at Black Sea Fleet.
    In 1950 went to Leningrad on the Designing submarines enterprises of Minsudprom.
    From 1954 on worked as Deputy Chief Designer, and then as a Chief Engineer at the Central Design Office.
    From 1974 on was Chief and Chief Designer of the "Rubin" Central Design Office.
    Since 1983 has been Chief-General Designer and Chief of the Central Design Office.
    In 1973 defended his candidate dissertation and in 1984- doctoral dissertation and became Doctor of Engineering Science.
    In 1984 became a professor at the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute, Designing Courts Faculty.
    In 1984 was elected Corresponding Member and in 1987- Full Member of the USSR Academy of Science.
    Outstanding scientist and expert in the field of making submarines.
    Author of a number of scientific works on mechanical engineering technique, structural mechanics, reliability and special power. At his direct participation as a technical chief several generations of nuclear and diesel-electric submarines including missile submarine cruisers of strategic purpose were designed.
    Member of Communist Party from 1967 to 1991.
    People's Deputy of the Communist Party (1989- 1991).
    Hero of Socialist Labour (1978).
    Awarded the Lenin Order (1970), the October Revolution Order (1986), the Red Banner Order of Labour (1963)and 12 medals.
    Married with two children.

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