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Shultz, Mikhail Mikhailovich

Director of the Grebenshchikov Silicate Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. Full Member (academician) of the Russian Academy of Science.

Born July 1, 1919 in Petrograd into the family of a Navy officer. Graduated from Leningrad State University Chemistry Faculty in 1947. Worked at the Leningrad State University as an assistant, as a senior lecturer, as a Lab manager at the Research Chemistry Institute, as Dean of Chemistry Faculty of Leningrad State University.

Since 1972 has been Director of the Grebenshchikov Silicate Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Science.

In 1959 defended his candidate dissertation on the research of sodium function of glass electrodes. In 1965 defended his doctoral dissertation by the results of the researches of electrode properties of glass and became Doctor of Chemistry. In 1972 was elected Corresponding Member and in 1979 - Full Member (academician) of the USSR Academy of Science.

Outstanding Russian scientist in the field of Physical Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Chemistry and Electrochemistry of glass, Membrane Electrochemistry. Managed and participated in developing glass for domestic manufacture of ph- and ion-metering means. The essentially new type of glass electrodes allowing replacing electrodes from noble metals was created.

Author of more than 500 research works and some monographs
    Winner of the USSR State Prizes (1973, 1986).
    Hero of Socialist Labour (1991).
    Awarded the Lenin Order (1979, 1991), the Red Banner Order of Labour (1971, 1975), the "Great Patriotic War" Order of Degree II (1945, 1990), the "For Leningrad Defense" medal (1943) and other medals.
    Member of the Communist Party (1946-1991).

Married, with two sons.

Mikhail Mikhailovich died on October, 9th 2006

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