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Shefner, Vadim Sergeevich

Poet, prose writer.
    Born January 12, 1915 (December 30, 1914) in Petrograd into the family of Petersburgers.
    Graduated from the Chemistry School in 1935, and the Worker's Faculty of the Leningrad State University in 1938.
    Worked as a stoker, as a Technician assistant in the porcelain factory, and then in a library.
    In the middle of the 30-s was taken on by the "Smena" magazine. His first book of verses "A light Shore" was published in 1940.
    Participated in the Defence of Leningrad. His second book "Defence" was published during those days.
    From the middle of the 60-s started writing prose, but continued writing poetry. His philosophical parables "Fairy tales for the Clever", "A Girl on a precipice", "The Obligor's Hut" are widely known.
    Winner of the Russian State Prize for Poetry (1997).
    Awarded two Orders of the Second Great Patriotic War (II degree), the Red Banner Order of Labour, the Red Star Order, The "Sign of Honour" Order, the Peoples' Friendship Order.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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