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Rybakov Yuly Andreevich

   Born on December 25, 1946.
   From the a Petersburg family of hereditary navy officers. The parents had been illegally subjected to repression. Born in Siberia.
   In 1974 finished an artistic school, a college. A student of the Leningrad Institute named after Repin.
   In 1976 was arrested by KGB for distribution of Solzhenitsin books, leaflets and slogans. With framed-up charges was sentenced to six years' imprisonment. North, trees felling.
   1982 - returning to Leningrad. Studying of law. Organization of rights protection movement.
   1990 - elected a deputy of the Leningrad Council. Organizor of the first Russian State Committee of Human Rights.
   In 1993 - elected a deputy of the RF State Duma. A member of Legislation Committee.
   July 26, 1995 - became a voluntary hostage of terrorists in Budenovsk in exchange for releasing of children and women. Stayed with captives, which helped to safe lives of 1820 Russians.
   December 18, 1995 - elected a deputy of the II State Duma. A member of the following committees: of hostages releasing, of protection of Russians abroad, of control of imprisonment places. Awarded with the order of the Saint Joann (Maltese Cross) for his human rights protection activity.
   1996-1999 - participated in freeing of 920 military men from Chechen captivity. Accepted more than 3 000 complaints of citizens, managed to help every second one.
   While working in the I and II State Dumas participated in development and consideration of 342 federal laws. Became a member of the International Bar. After Galina Starovoytova's death headed the party "Democratic Russia". Abdicated his responsibility in October 2000. Urged to dissolution of small parties and establishing of one right-liberal party the Right-Wing Union
   2000 - a deputy of the III RF State Duma; the chairman of the ST Subcommittee of Human Rights.

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