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Shcherban Yevgeniy Petrovich

Ye. P. Shecherban was born in 1965 in Ukraine in the city of Dneprodzerzhinsk.

In 1993 he graduated from the Repin Insitute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (the studio of professor P. T. Fomin).

After his transfer to St. Petersburg Shcherban got interested in the themes of the city landscape and portrait. A lot of his work has been devoted to the marine landscape and sailing vessels.

Since 1999 Ye. P. Shcherban is member of Russia's Union of Painters.

Since 1993 he participates in numerous city and regional exhibitions. Among these exhibitions the most significant are the exhibition devoted to the 55th anniversary of the Leningrad Blockade and the exhibition devoted to the 200th anniversary of A. S. Pushkin.

In 2000 Shcherban became participant of the "Poetic realism" exhibition held in Cock-street, England. At the same year he took part in the international exhibition organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dublin (Ireland).

Since 2000 Shcherban is permanent member of the exhibitions "Petersburg-Moscow", Moscow. In 2000-2001 the personal exhibition of Ye. P. Shcherban was held in the Yelagin Palace, St. Petersburg. A lot of his work is kept in private collections in Scandinavian countries.

Shcherban's professional way started from a common arts school, after that he studied at the Serov arts college and, finally, in the Academy of Arts. The studio of P. T. Fomin, the painter's contact with the professor I. P. Veselkin, Tokarev's light landscapes, Rubens' "Portrait of A Camerist" located in St. Petersburg's Hermitage, the Small Hollanders, the impressionists formed the painter's artist manner.

In Yevgeniy Shcherban's opinion, modern artist must be synthetic, thus he works not only in the easel painting, but in graphics and as "monumentalist".

Shcherban's painting is a synthesis of academics with a certain element of unaccomplished art which brings spectators to finish by themselves and according to their imagination the unaccomplished parts of a picture.

From the wide spectrum of artistic means it is a pencil that is capable of many things, Shcherban thinks. The drawing done in pencil is capable to create an illusion of a big picture where one can perfectly read the nature's state, its mood, as well as a dusk of the evening sky and flashes of water surface in a landscape.

In 1996 Yegveniy Shcherban made an etude with a sailing vessel which he saw at the "Katti Sark" world regatta that came to St. Petersburg at that time. This etude was such an inspiration to the painter that afterwards he made a whole series with sailing vessels devoted to the sea, rivers and canals.

In 2000 at the big exhibition "Poetic realism" which was held in Cock-street in London his landscape "The Griboedov Channel" was one of the first to be acquired by a private collector.

Yevgeniy Shcherban travels a lot as well as makes numerous drawings and sketches. In the summer of 2001 he took part in artistic trip to Belomorye (the region of the Write sea) where he made sketches which afterwards were exhibited at the "Pomorskoye village" exhibition in the Union of Artists' exhibition hall.

Though by landscapes only the versatility of Shcherban's creative work does not finish. In his easel painting the author reflects his poetic mood and soul.

Shcherban possesses the skill to see the artistic form as a whole so that he is successful with monumental artistic objects. In 1999 the artist took part in painting of decorations to the "Sleeping beauty" performance of the Mariinsky Theatre. Later on he was once again invited to the Mariinsky where he was working close with Mikhail Shemyakin over decorations to the "Nutcracker" ballet.

In 2001 Yevgeniy Shcherban took part in work over a big artistic panneau on one of the "Baltika" brewery plants. The work for the theater and the plant served Yevgeniy Shcherban to enrich his system of artistic means.

Participant of the city and regional exhibitions
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