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Herbert Robertovich Tsaturov

Chief executive of Leningrad Shipbuilding factory "Pella".

All labor activities of Herbert Robertovich Tsaturov - for the present moment Chief executive of Leningrad Shipbuilding factory "Pella" - has been closely connected with shipbuilding. Entering Ordgonikidze shipbuilding factory (the city of Poti) in 1961, transferring for "Pella" shipbuilding factory (the town of Otradnoye, the Leningrad region) in 1968, H. R. Tsaturov knew all levels of a career ladder - from a ship-builder up to the factory general manager. He was distinguished for his will and initiative, his organizational abilities. Due to these qualities H. R. Tsaturov was able to maintain the "Pella" factory during the period of perestroika and to structure it for further development.

H. R. Tsaturov installed the holding organizational structure for the enterprise, which allowed to qualitatively heighten the level of sovereignty and responsibility of the enterprise managers, as well as to choose and implant for its managerial positions both skillful and prospective people.

New marketing strategy developed and installed in a short time period, led to the factory's outstanding positioning on both the national and world markets. Having become manager, H. R. Tsaturov devotes much of attention to personnel management, to his workers' training and updating. Partly because of that, the factory output is outstanding, altogether with its modern solutions of the current problems and its quality, matching the European standards. For example -- in cooperation with "Damen", Holland firm, the output of the licensed azimuth towboats of 2509-Project has been processed; other projects of towboats are waiting its turn to be realized, having developed in either Russian or foreign construction bureaus. But among the factory output items traditional products are kept, such as - the pilot cutters of 14550-Project and for staff - travelling cutters, having highly recommended themselves in the ports of Russia, other CIS countries, Cuba and other. During recent past years, active work has been done at the factory in connection with manufacturing preparations for the output of the spectrum of technical functions ships, such as -- petroleum garbage collectors, cutters for the installment of boom barriers to ban petroleum stains' spread, service road cutters. With this purpose, the reconstruction of sea-side works and engineering arrangements have been accomplished in considerable volume, reorganization and equipping of storage manufacturing is on.

Plastic-glass production has been developed. In the shortest time, the construction of ships' salvage boats of new generation, of usual or tanker design, for cable lift and free fall both, answering the international convention demands of SOLAS 74/83 has been accomplished, tested, certified and put on mass production.

Machine-manufacturing as well renewed its assortment - output of a number of flexible tubes machines was assimilated by the factory that would ensure both cold and hot development of "14 - 273 mm in diameter" tubes and would compete successfully with the same type of machines that are now being manufactured for mass-demand both at the neighboring and far reaching countries. "Pella" factory is the only one in Russia that produces plasma- and gas-cutting machines ("Pella") for automated cutting of metal-roll sheets (the width of the sheets cut by plasma is from 4 to 80 mm, and the ones cut by gas is up to 220 mm).

Traditionally the factory is on-demand production of the painting devices of no-air dispersion, including its newly developed "Effect-1", that allows to put highly-viscous enamel-painting materials without heating them, under the pressure of 400 atmospheres.

Herbert Robertovich Tsarutov was always paying attention to the development and introduction of new machines; that had been marked by the following awards -- by silver medal of V. D. N. H. of 1983, by "Honor Sign" of 1985. For its good reputation and high professionalism demonstrated through its high quality output, the factory was awarded special sign - "The Arch of Europe" (1998).

The success and stability of the enterprise was also confirmed by the award from the Coordination Committee for "Partnership For Success" international program -- the award is the "Golden Standard" Certificate (2000). For high achievements in its professional activities of 2001 year the "Pella" factory received 'Prize from Expert Committee on "Social Acknowledgement 2001" Contest'.

Herbert Robertovich has gained high authority both at the enterprise and in the region. He is the Chairperson of Directors' Board for the Kirovskiy district. His high self-demands H. R. Tsaturov combines with attention and politeness to other people. It was through his initiative that the Help Service for the factory veterans was set up, the one that sees to their needs and provides them both with material and moral support.

H. R. Tsarutov is the one who has been supervising its work.

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