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Ryuzin Vitaly Vyacheslavovich

   Born in July 1966 in Kherson, in a military officer's family. His mother was an engineer.
   During the years 1985-87 performed military service in strategic missile units.
   Received higher education in the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute, specializing in Economics and Management.
   Among his hobbies are: hunting (his grandfather was Senior Forrestry Official of the district), sports cars, motorcycles, motor boats, snow tractors and water motorcycles. He particularly enjoys bear and boar-hunting, preferring large game. His last trophy is a boar.
   Candidate's Degree in the Economics Sciences.
   In 1989 he began to work for the Eco-Balt state enterprise, since 1992 he has headed the financial board of Nord-Balt-Invest Ltd.
   Since July 1999 he has been the leader of a huge empire: the Baltic Financial and Industrial Group (BFIG), managing not only to preserve the company at difficult times, but also to strengthen its standing on the market. He believes that it is not the highest price that makes for the highest income: it is better to make 50 kopecks on each 10 rubles invested, than to make a ruble from every ruble. He pays a lot of attention to the advancement of BFIG's image on the market, to the success of its trademark and products.
   BFIG deals mainly with natural oil refinement and the realization of oil products. Today there are 40 specialized enterprizes affiliated with BFIG, employing more than 3,500 highly qualified staff members.
   The Group's activities involve 63 regions of Russia, it owns 60% of major wholesale outlets of gasoline, diesel fuel and aviation kerosene in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad district. It also carries out minor wholesale and retail sales through its own network of more than 40 gasoline stations. The company owns a depot of private fuel transporters, including those with no analogues in Russia. It also rents vehicles capable of transporting more than a million litres of refined oil products simultaneously. In addition to this, BFIG performs the daily delivery of oil products by automobile vehicles to more than 50 corporate clients in the area, it fills the bunkers of foreign and domestic ships, participates in fishing activities in the Northern Seas as well as Russia's inner water reservoirs, it designs, constructs and equips modern gasoline stations and provides business transportation flights.
   V.V. Ryuzin is single. He has been a driver since 1982.
   He devotes his free time to hunting, usually once in every two months. His weapon of choice is Drakunov's sniper's rifle, known as "Tiger" in its hunter's edition. It allows hunting at night. During winter-time he makes 70-80 kilometer-per-day snow tractor journeys with his friends, across marshlands and woods. This requires some physical training as well as orientation abilities and adjustment to harsh climate conditions.
   He makes constant donations to the Church, supports sports clubs, chronically ill children, organizations of Afghanistan and Chechnya veterans. To do this is his essential life principle. His plan for the future is "to create something worthwhile, never turning back". As they say, "the road yields to him who moves along"...
   Suddenly passed away on August 13, 2001.

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