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Retjunskikh Alexander Ivanovich

   General Director of the International Training and Consulting Scientific-Practical Center of Russian Martial Art "RETAL".
   Was born on February, 28, 1953 in Dzerzhinsk, Russia. Served in the Soviet Army, worked as a teacher of physical culture in a high school in Krasnodar. At the age of 20 Alexander Ivanovich went in for professional judo, sambo-wrestling and hand-to-hand fighting. A master of sports in sambo-wrestling and judo, a prize-winner and a champion of a number of All-Russia and All-Union competitions. In 1980 he started research work on Russian Martial Art. 1982-1989 - an instructor of hand-to-hand fight of the Department of Internal Affairs in Krasnodar ("Dynamo" society). In Krasnodar he attended lessons of A.A. Kadochnikov, a well-known instructor of hand-to-hand fight. Training skills and sportsman's experience enabled Alexander Ivanovich to create a new sport and martial system called Russian Domestic Self-defense System (RDSS (ROSS). Now he is a head of training practical seminars devoted to Russian Martial Art based on the Russian Domestic Self-defense System of training (RMA-RDSS (ROSS). In 1992 Retjunskikh with his colleagues organized the All-Russia Federation of Russian Martial Art http://www.ross.ru and became a president of it. In 1995 he registered as a know-how and patented his technique of Russian Domestic Self-defense System. There are eight directions in which principles of Russian Domestic Self-defense System are used:

  1. "School of updated sambo-wrestling and judo".
  2. "School of bayonet fight"
  3. "School of professional skill improvement of security guards and bodyguards".
  4. "School of professional skill improvement in sport-games (hockey, american football, rugby, etc.).
  5. "School of health".
  6. "School of militant dances".
  7. "School of sport hand-to-hand fight".
  8. "School of surviving in extreme conditions".

   1997 - general-major of the Cossack armies.
   Retjunskikh is a creator and an editor-in-chief of the magazine "Russian Martial Art - Russian Domestic Self-defense System: http://www.journal.ross.ru.
   In 1998 Retjunskikh got the invitation of Frank Sanches, the president of the World Council of the Martial Art Grand-masters' Club, to show RDSS as a national Russian fighting. The Council of the Martial Art Grand-masters' Club certificated the RDSS and Retjunskikh was accepted to the Club as a grand-master of RMA-RDSS.
   2000 - the honoured trainer of Russia.

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