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Taymanov, Mark Yevgenyevich

   Chess player, musician.
   Born February 7, 1926 in Kharkov.
   Finished the Chess school of the Leningrad Pioneers Palace.
   Graduated from the Leningrad Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory.
   Winner and Prize- Winner of more than 50 Tournaments.
   Participant of 23 USSR Championships, was a winner of two of them.
   Champion of Leningrad (five times).
   Champion of Europe (four times).
   World Champion among Youth.
   Participant of the tournaments among the candidates for World Championship (1953, 1971).
   Champion of the Olympic 1956 Games.
   Recently has become Champion among "Senior"- Chess players who are more than 60.
   Regularly is published in newspapers and magazines.
   Author of about 20 memoirs and of analytical books, including "60 Best Chess games", and "I Was Fisher's Victim".
   International Grand Master.
   Honourary Sports Master.
   Participated in a film "The Beethoven Concert" as a 'young musician in 1937.
   Awarded the Order of Honour and the "For Outstanding Labour" medal.
   Married with son.

   Taymanov's photoalbum

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