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Shali Vladimir

Shali Vladimir is famous St. Petersburg Writer and Philosopher, Founder of the Renaissance of the Mysterious Egypt Religion — Union, the author of books:

  • "The Freedom of Vision" (50,000 units);
  • "The Freedom of Disappearance" (70,000 units);
  • "The History of One's Silence" (7,000,000 units).

Lately, three books of Vladimir Shali saw light under the series of "Undistinguished Egypt (for the first two ones) and under "The History of A Divided Garden" and "The Space of Prescience" series, in two editions with total circulation of 20,000 books. In his current book — "God of Impossible" — the writer once again addresses the mysteries of Egyptian Civilization.

From Vladimir Shali: "In few words about "Undistinguished Egypt" series and literature monument. In 1990, staying in New York for a few months I perceived a project, under the gross name of "Undistinguished

Egypt" — project on commonness and confrontation in all world cultures. In 1993 in Moscow, in the Embassy of Egypt, I presented to the wide public my first book on Egypt, "The Freedom of Disappearance". At that time my Egyptian friends approved greatly of my book and offered me for the reading the not yet published and uncovered texts of the Ancient Kingdom, with underfoot translations in English which I, together with my friends, translated into Russian. There was a problem before me — how to do with these huge amount of practically unknown knowledge? Whether to keep it in its literal shape or translate into the area of Impossible knowledge. So I chose the second way; and now, when the three books were edited under the series of "Undistinguished Egypt", there is high time to open the idea of my whole project.

In its essence, free translation of unknown, mysterious texts may occupy the space of ten books: today, three books are edited. They are "The History of A Divided Garden", "The Space of Prescience", "God of Impossible". The third book I consider the key book of the project. Thus, today one can already distinguish the idea of the design itself. In any case, I as can — tried to bring to the reader — by freely interpreting — mysterious pattern of the unknown history of Egypt.

For conclusion I want to say that to believe in the obvious tables of history means the same as to believe in the signings on ancient vessels that are filled not with truth, but with the boiling wine of our imagination. And the drunkard — does he remember what was yesterday? As for the History — does it recognize what took place in the intoxicated space of former centuries? So, for us to know the past of Egypt it is useless to look into the mirror of the present time. And that is why my book, "The God of Impossible", is a book on Egypt that is not now, that was not and will not be — this is a book on "Undistinguished Egypt" that was and will be forever only in the space of Impossible.

As P. S. I want to say several words on the graphics of orthography. In my book — "The God of Impossible" — as in my previous books I propose new rules for the text booking: instead of full stops and commas there is only a perfect line for the sign of division — thus — the pause from oral speech goes to the figurative speech — Orthography goes back to prime writing — as water return to prime source. It is possible that in several decades the graphics of such free writing will be necessary and common for all writing in Russian language —

My second P. S. is warning for the authors — trying to use in their texts citations from the book — —God of Impossible —I want to warn the uninitiated —that touch too dangerous mysteries — I warn them — for they can be identified with robbers of Pyramids —who perished — trying to tear the secretive seals from their walls — —that bar the entrance to the space of Impossible —

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