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Boris Ivanovich Tischenko

The composer was born in 1939 in Leningrad. He was Laureate at the International Contest of Young Composers - "The Spring of Prague 1966", Laureate of the Artists of Russia Prize of M.I. Glinka (1978); he is the Arts of Russia Honored Person (1978), professor (since1986), Meritorious Artist of Russia (1987), St. Petersburg Mayor's Prize Laureate (1995).

By education Boris is a secondary school golden medalist after finishing 1946-1956 years of Leningrad school. From 1954 he enters Musical College at the N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory of Leningrad where he studied for three years in the composition class of G.I. Ustvolskaya and in the forte-piano class of V.L. Mikhelis. During his 1957-1962 years Tischenko studied at the Department of Composition in the classes of professor V. N. Salmanov, professor V. V. Voloshinov and professor O. A. Yevlakhov (he graduated with a Honor Degree); he also studied at the Department of Forte-piano in the class of A. D. Logovinsky and graduated from with honor as well, in 1963. From 1962 till 1965 he was doing his post-graduate studies at the Leningrad Conservatory majoring in composition. His professor there was D. D. Shostakovich.

Since 1965 he has been working at the St. Petersburg (former Leningrad) Conservatory of Rimsky-Korsakov, first as lecturer, later as assistant professor and from 1986 as professor. In particular he taught : the work with clavier (at the Department of Musical Production), at the Seminar of modern foreign music (Orchestra Department), the lectures on Instrumentology (Theory of Composition department), the reading of scores and the orchestration (at the Theory of Composition and the Conducting departments). Since 1974 Boris has been leading Composition class.

Among his students of the composition class are A. Abdullaeva, A. Ametov, V. Baskin, I. Boldysheva, L. Vagner, T. Vinogradova, N. Volkova, A. Davydov, P. Daison, A. Denisov, M. Zhuravlev, A. Zarezankova, A. Ivanov, M. Ignatova, E. Ismukova, Kan So-hi, A. Makarov, A. Mitrofanova, O. Petrova, V. Piguzov, V. Pleshak, V. Radchenkov, L. Rezetdinov, V. Sai, N. Sinyakova, S. Smolyaninov, L. Sukhorukova, R. Tikhavsky, V. Togobitsky, B. Filanovsky, E. Khazdan, I. Tsesliukevich, A. Shestakov, V. Shmulevich, L. Shofman; as well as the composers of the Orchestra and the Reading of Scores classes - P. Gecker, L. Desyatnikov, G. Korchmar, A. Mikhailov, A. Nevolovich, Xguen Van Nam, I. Otroschenko, S. Puchkov, A. Radvilovich, A. Sivashova, A. Soinikov, N. Tolstoi. Among his students the conductors are : N. Alekseev, V. Vais, V. Ziva, O. Kaetano (Markevich), P. Minin, M. Orekhov, L. Samenas, V. Svoiskiy. Among musicologists are : A. Ablova, E. Abramzon, L. Babitskaya, N. Baikina, L. Vorontsovskaya, M. Gililova, I. Goloborodskaya, V. Gurevich, N. Degtyareva, Z. Dmitrieva, R. Zankisova, V. Kisin, V. Konnov, M. Malkiel, O. Mozhzhevelova, V. Nazarova, I. Nevolovich, N. Nikitina, A. Porfiryeva, G. Solovyeva, E. Sorokina, I. Sharapova, E. Shteinbok, and many others.

The ballet masters -- N. Ataev, R. Vagabov.

Opera producers: O. Averyanov, G. Isakhanov, A. Usubov, V. Shkarovsky, I. Yaslyn.

Main points of the composer's biography :

  • 1959 - making friends with Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky.
  • 1961 - meeting Dmitry Dmitrievich Shostakovich.
  • 1962 - meeting Anna Andreyevna Akhmatova.
  • 25th of March, 1963 - the forte-piano with orchestra concert debut. The conductor is I. Blazhkov. It was taking place at the Column Hall of the Deputies House in Moscow.
  • 1963 - meeting with organist I. A. Braudo. The composer started work over Inventions for organ.
  • 1963 - cooperation with L. V. Yakobson, the choreographer, started.
  • 5th of February, 1966 - his first cello concert premier; 17 brass, percussions, harmonium. The solist is M. Rostropovich. The conductor is I. Blazhkov. The Big Philharmonic Hall of Leningrad.
  • Spring of 1967 - editing, instrumentation and musical leadership of the first in Russia performance of the Claudio Monteverdi "Coronation of Poppeya" opera.
  • 1967 - the production of "The death of Pushkin" movie, with Boris Tischenko music.
  • 2nd of May, 1974 - performing Sonata #4 for forte-piano devoted to the city of Prague in the Knight Hall of Waldshtein Palace in Prague.
  • 30th of June, 1974 - "Yaroslavna"- ballet premiere at the Leningrad Malyi Theatre of Opera and Ballet; the producer is Yuri Liubimov, choreographer and painter is Oleg Vinogradov, conductor - A. Dmitriyev. The performance got Dmitry Shostakovich hot support.
  • 9th of August, 1975 - the death of D. D. Shostakovich and work over the V Symphony, devoted to the memory of Shostakovich. (The symphony was accomplished in 1976 and first performed in 1978).
  • 2nd of April, 1978 - the first performance of I. Donskaya during to her devoted Concert for a Harp with an Orchestra. The conductor is E. Serov; at the Malyi Hall of the Glinka Leningrad Philharmony.
  • 17th of November, 1978 - the first performance of the IV Symphony. The conductor is G. Rozhdestvensky; at the Big Hall of the Leningrad Philharmony.
  • 1985 - first performances of the Second Concert for Violin with an Orchestra. The solist is S. Stadler, the conductor is V. Sinaisky; 26th of June - Dzintary (Latvia), 25th of November - Leningrad, the Big Philharmonic Hall.
  • 24th - 31th of May, 1987 - the composer's first tour abroad. (His performance in Hamburg).
  • 1988-1992 - three trips to the USA. The author's concerts. Performances in ensemble with N. Beilina, violin-player.
  • 27th of April, 1989 - the author's concert for his 50th anniversary; at the Big Hall of the Leningrad Philharmony. The first performance of the VI symphony in the memory of Mravinsky, after the verses of A. Naiman, A. Akhmativa, M. Tsvetaeva, O. Mandelshtama, V. Levinzon, the conductor is G. Rozhdestvensky. The solists are V. Uzvenko and E. Rbin.
  • 23th of June, 1989 - in concert performance of Requiem on the verses of A. Akhmatova, written in 1966. The conductor is E. Serov, the solists are G. Pisarenko, L. Belobragin, V. Naparin, S. Tkachenko.
  • 1989 - the ban by the new chief conductor of the Leningrad Philharmony, Y. Temirkanov, on the performance of Tischenko music at the Leningrad Big Philharmonic Hall. In 1996 this ban was, under the pressure from the public, lifted.
  • 1993 - editing of a youth composition - "French Symphony" (after Anatol Frans' novel "Krenkebel"). Its first performance took place in September 26, 1994; at the St. Petersburg Academic Cappella. The conductor was V. Chernushenko.
  • 8th of December, 1995 - the performance in Moscow, of the Concert for a Clarinet and a Forte-piano Trio, at the XV festival of "The Evenings of December", devoted to Svyatoslav Rikhter. The performers were Y. Milkis and Saint-Peters-Trio in the staff of I. Uryash, I. Ioff, S. Slovachevsky.
  • 2nd of March, 1997 - the St. Petersburg premiere of the Seventh Symphony at the St. Petersburg Big Philharmonic Hall. The performer is the orchestra of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Society. Conducting was E. Serov.
  • 20th of March, 1998 - the premiere of Dante-symphony #1 ("When leaving Me, he went to others") at the St. Petersburg Big Philharmonic Hall. Conductor was Y. Kochnev.
  • 29th of June, 1999 - The author's concert at the St. Petersburg Big Philharmonic Hall, devoted to his 60th anniversary. The second concert for violin and orchestra, the Seventh Symphony. The solo was I. Gringolts, the conductor was M. Shostakovich.

For the present moment Boris Tischenko goes on with his practice of composer, pianist and pedagogue.

B. Tischenko has as well accomplished a number of literary works (essays, reviews, annotations), he often lectures with reports at the international scientific conferences, gives interviews for the press, speeches for radio and TV.

Among B. Tischenko works are : 7 symphonies; 4 program, named symphonies; "Requiem" on A. Akhmatova verses; 9 concerts for various instrumental staff; 10 forte-piano sonatas; 4 sonatas for string instruments and a solo; 1 sonata for block-flute and an organ; 12 inventions and 12 portraits for organ; 5 string quartets; 3 ballets -- "A Tsokotukha-Fly"on the text of K. Chukovsky's fairy-tale for children, "The Twelve" after A. Blok's poem, "Yaroslavna" on historic epos --"A Word about the regiment of Igor"; "Stolen Sun"- an opera, "A Big Black-beetle" on the text of K. Chukovsky; a number of vocal cycles; a suite for an orchestra with forte-piano; a number of compositions for various instruments and "a cappella" choirs; music for theatre plays and movies; orchestrations, editions and re-constructions.

B. Tischenko's compositions has been recorded by a number of recording firms and issued by the publishing houses of Russia, England, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Czechia, USA, Italy.

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