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Trusov Yury Vasiljevich

   Trusov Yury Vasiljevich Director General, JSC Lenptizeprom; Vice-President of the St. Petersburg Union of Manufacturers and Entrepreneurs (Employers); Chairman of the Administration of the Leningrad Region Union of Agricultural Manufactures; author of numerous articles on farming industry problems.
   Born on May 28, 1938. Lived in Leningrad during the blockade. In 1960 graduated from the Leningrad Agricultural Institute with the speciality "mechanical engineer". His labour activity began in Kingisepsky Region as a headman of a tractor team. Then worked as a chief engineer, director of a number of battery farms in Leningradskaya Oblast, chairman of Vsevolzhsky Executive Committee. Not once was awarded with orders and medals.
   In 1988 began to head the trust Lenptizeprom, which was at that time a management body for all battery farms of Leningradskaya Oblast. During the hard years of reforming he supported functioning of the poultry-farming complex and provided supplies of eggs and meat to St. Petersburg. At the present time poultry farming of Leningradskaya Oblast is the first in Russia in production of eggs and meat.
   Nowadays JSC Lenptizeprom is a large company comprising production facilities in St. Petersburg to produce eggs and poultry meat, a pedigree poultry-keeping plant for poultry breeding and an incubatory station, which supply the population, peasants and farmers with chickens, ducklings, goslings. JSC Lenptizprom also produces quail eggs - an especially valuable dietetic foodstuff.
   Over 160 mln hen eggs, 700 tons poultry meat and more than 1.5 mln quail eggs are annually delivered to St. Petersburg; fifteen regions of Russia buy pedigree produce. Diplomas of the "Russian Farmer" World Fair and All-Russian Agroindustrial Exhibition prove high quality of JSC Lenptizprom produce.

   JSC Lenptizeprom
   Tel.: (812) 325-22-99, (812) 325-30-07
   E-mail: poultry@peterlink.ru

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