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Suslov Valery Fiodorovich

   Chief Engineer of JSC "Central Research Institute of Ship Devices", Candidate of Technical Sciences, Academician.
   Born February 3, 1948. Graduated from Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute.
   In 1972 Valery Suslov began his work career at Central Research Institute of Ship Devices (CRISD) and progressed all the way from a construction engineer to Chief Engineer. He personally participated in the creation of underwater and manipulatory devices, of dock and internal ship mechanisms.
   Initiated the creation of a consort on the basis of CRISD, which included many of Russia's machine-building enterprises and organizations.
   Awarded many orders and medals.
   Member of St. Petersburg Engineering Academy, Candidate of Technical Sciences, member of St. Petersburg Marine Assembly.
   Member of CRISD's administrative board. Stock holder of JSC "CRISD".
   Married, has a son and a grandson.
   Enjoys hunting and sports.
   V.F. Suslov is a communicative, energetic, goal-oriented and emotionally balanced man. He is independent in his decisions with regard to the enterprise's activities.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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