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Treger Michael Efimovich

   Bard, performing author.
   Michael Efimovich Treger was born on June, 25, 1953 in Leningrad. Now he lives in Saint-Petersburg. Graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I. Lenin in 1976. The electrical engineer. He works at one of the Saint-Petersburg enterprises.
   Musical education - uncompleted evening musical school. Began to compose songs to his own lyrics in 1971.
   Twice he was a winner of Grushinskiy festival (1977, 1979), a winner of some republican festivals, a judge of many festivals. He was a head of the "Old Nevskiy" studio at the Youth Cultural Centre of Smolninskiy district. Composed songs for the playes of the "Saturday" theatre. The performance "Tomorrow there was a war" and the songs to it won the award of All-Union competition to the 40-anniversary of the Victory. In 1996 the disk "I choose at random" was released, the audiocassette of the same name is avaliable in the Internet. In April, 2001 he visited Israel, gave a number of concerts. His favourite singers are Klyachkin, Vizbor, Lores and Vasiljev.

   You can get acquanted with Michael Treger's songs at:

   The material was prepared by A. and M. Levitans

   The portrait is from the A. Talkovskiy's archive (Saint-Petersburg)

   Michael Treger's photo-album

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