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Razumova Irina

President of the "Planeta Fitness" Company.

President of the "Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Unit of St. Petersburg".

The Honoured Member of the All-Russian Sports and Aerobics Federation.

The Founder of the fitness-industry in Russia, Irina places the human life and health above all.

In 1987 she was invited to the "World Class International" Company, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Irina Razumova headed the external economic activity to develop lasting relations and business in sport equipment selling, to prepare the opening of the first in the country's history commercial fitness-centre in St. Petersburg, in form of one of the first Sweden-Russian Joint-Stock Companies.

In 1989 she opened the first sports-sanitary club in St. Petersburg, in the Kamennoostrovskiy Avenue.

Since the end of 1992 she had been working over the opening of the licensed fitness-centre in Moscow which she headed till 1997.

At the end of 1997 she founded the system of sports-sanitary clubs "Planeta Fitness" in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

"Physically nothing prevents women to choose her direction in the life. The top-manager is not a play or a theatrical character, but a profession non-connected to the sex attribute" – considers Irina regardless of the widespread opinion in Russia.

"Happiness – it is to wake up in the morning and to see everything in different colours, simply to have vision. Happiness can't depend on somebody. It's in yourselves." – admitted Irina in one of the interviews.


Tel.: (095) 933-71-07
Fax: (095) 933-71-08
E- mail: planeta@fitness.ru
Web-cite: www.fitness.ru

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