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Taymanova Irina Evgenyevna

   Born in Leningrad, in a theatrical family. Her father was a theatrical engineer-architect, that is why all the best city's theatres became her home. Her mother was an exceptionally beautiful woman, in her youth had been a singer and a pianist, but than quitted the profession and devoted herself to children. Irina danced, studied German, history and painting in the University attached to the Hermitage and the Russian Museum. Studied piano in a special musical school attached to the Leningrad Conservatory, then graduated with honours from the Piano Faculty of the Leningrad State Conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov. After that got her second profession, having graduated, again with honours, from the Musical Production Faculty of the Conservatory with the speciality "producer of an opera theatre", and took her post-graduate studies in the same speciality.
   Her first success was production of the V.A. Uspensky's opera-pamphlet "The War with Salamanders" on the Ufa's stage (1968) that got high appreciation with critics. In February of the same year Irina, being a third-year student, was invited to work as a producer for the Leningrad Television. For more than 30 years she has been creating her own cycles, performances, films there.
   Her typical feature as a producer is an aspiration for experiment. Long before video clips appeared she had produced unique mono-performances with world opera stars: "The Complaint Book" by A. Chekhov (music by Rogalev), "Satires" by Sasha Cherny (music by Shostakovich), "Songs and Dances of the Death" (Musorgsky), original TV programs based on Rakhmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Glinka music. She is the author of more than two thousand programs and films about outstanding personalities of the twentieth century, television versions of some operas and ballets, cycles of popular cultural programs.
   Irina Taymanova teaches in the St. Petersburg Conservatory, giving a course of production at a musical theatre and on TV. Gave courses in Boston University of Arts. Many of her students work in theatres and on television abroad.
   In 1991-1996 was the chief editor in the musical editorial office of the St. Petersburg Television. She is still producing programs for different Russian TV channels, plays piano concerts.
   An honoured Arts worker of Russia.
   Awarded for her TV program "The Ballet on Fountains" (Italy, 1974), won the Grand Prix of the "The Velvet Season" competition for the film "The Soul Touch" (1998).
   Her brother is a chess player, M.E. Taymanov. Her husband - a composer, V.A. Uspensky.

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