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Lurje Felix Robertovich

"If I was somewhere without my camera, I was not present there..."
Felix Lurje

   Amateur photographer.
   Felix Robertovich Lurje is one of the oldest amateur photographers in Saint-Petersburg. Born on August, 19, 1930 in Leningrad. Graduated from Leningrad Military and Mechanical Institute.
   In 1960 he became a member of Leningrad Photoclub. In the club he got aquainted with the famouse Leningrad photographers Bryazgin and Stukalov. Lurje began to make so called "photo albums" - self-made books to one topic. As a rule, they were devoted to nature - "Autumn", "Fog", "Bridges". As Felix Robertovich was interested in literature, theatre and painting he began to devote his photo albums to literary soirees, to opening of art exhibitions, to theatre plays. There exist hundreds of such photo albums. Since 1968 Lurje worked as an engineer-designer, he made more than 30 inventions. Photography has always been only a hobby for him and never business.
   He was a member of editorial board and a regular contributor to the plant "Arsenal"'s newspaper published in large editions. He published there information about exhibitions, plays and literary soirees. Lurje frequented the Writer's House, where meetings with the famouse poets, writers and dramatists took place. There he made a number of portraits of Ida Napelbaum, Paul Antokolsky, Natan Adelmann, Danil Granin, Michail Zhvanetsky, Andrey Bitov, Fedor Abramov, Bella Akhmadulina. He always presented the portraits to his heroes.
   Felix Lurje liked to visit art exhibitions and began to make slides of pictures, mainly of unknown young painters. Gradually he got a collection of five thousand slides. Now this slides are widely used by art critics.
   Camera allowed Lurje to get acquainted with many writers, artists, actors and directors.
   Due to his constant visiting of different exhibitions, cultural events and performances Lurje became a chronicler of cultural life of Petersburg since 70-s till our days.
   Lurje's works were published in many magazines and newspapers. Portraits were frequently published in books of Petersburg writers and literary critics, they could be seen at numerous photo-exhibitions. 15 personal exhibitions of Felix Lurje took place in Saint-Petersburg. Genre photoes as well as portraits were represented there.

   Portrait - photo by A. Roschin (Saint-Petersburg)

   Felix Lurje's photo album

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