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Konstantinov (Bakonin) Andrei Dmitrievich

   Journalist, writer.
   Born on September 30, 1963. Graduated from the Leningrad State University in 1986 with a major in History of the Arab countries.
   In 1986-1991 he served as a military interpreter in the Near Eastern countries and in the USSR. In 1991 became a criminal reporter for the "Smena" newspaper, and in 1993 the supervisor of its criminal bureau. Organized the agency of journalists' investigations - "APC".In 1994-1996 worked as an authorized correspondent of the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in St.Petersburg and the North-Western region.
   Since 1996 Andrei Konstantinov heads the journalists' investigation service of the "Shans" publishing house. He is the author of documentary and fiction books, mostly on the criminal situation in Russia in general and in St.Petersburg in particular.
   Full member of the St.Petersburg press-service. Author of the concept and a member of the organizational committee of the "Golden Pen" contest. Author and broadcaster of a number of television programs.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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