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Kharchenko Oleg Andreyevich

   Chairman of the St. Petersburg Administration's City Planning and Architecture Committee.
   Born in 1948 in the Gorky (present-day Nizhni Novgorod) district. His father was a military pilot, his mother a history teacher. O.A. Kharchenko has spent his school years in East Germany, where his father has been working. He has moved to Western Belorussia at the age of 14 and completed secondary school studies there. He has received higher education at the Repin Fine Arts Academy.
   After graduation Kharchenko began working at a construction agency. He was later drawn into the army and performed military service in communications units in Pulkovo. Upon his return, Kharchenko has started working for Lenproekt. He has participated in the design of health facilities at the position of a shop leader.
   Kharchenko has been appointed Deputy Chief of the City Executive Council's Main Board of City Planning and Architecture in 1988. Since 1991 he has been Chief Architect of St. Petersburg, Chairman of the Committee on City Planning and Architecture. Kharchenko has been titled Accomplished Architect of the Russian Federation. He is a member of the International Architecture Academy, which he considers to be a professional club rather than a scholarly organization. He is not impressed by titles and signs of honour.
   O.A. Kharchenko is married. His spouse is a former professor, presently a housewife. His daughter is in the real estate business. His son is a schoolboy. Mr. Kharchenko dwells in a 4-room apartment and possess a small country residence. Carpentry, drawing, travelling and driving various types of cars are all among his hobbies. Mr. Kharchenko is fluent in English.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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