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Kakabadze Badri Davidovich

   General director of "Petroholod" enterprise.
   B. D. Kakabadze was born on February 5, 1959 in Georgia in a family of a director of a small bakery.
   In 1978 he was accepted to Leningrad Institute of Refrigeration Industry, and in 1983 has successfully graduated. In August of 1983 Badri Kakabadze was assigned to the position of engineer-technologist at the Leningrad Ice Manufacturing Factory. During a short period of time he has proved himself as a competent specialist and in October of 1984 he was promoted to the position of the chief dispatcher. In a year he became deputy manager of the technological shop at the factory. At this position he earned the reputation of a skillful leader. On December 16, 1986 B. D. Kakabadze became the general manager of the technological department. As a head of one of the leading shops of the factory he has mastered his management and organizational skills, and has acquired experience in wholesale trade. On April 25, 1989 B. D. Kakabadze was elected the general director of "Lenhladokombinat" factory, a position which he still holds.
   "Petroholod" was founded on the basis of "Lenhladokombinat" in 1993. The staff saw the transformation from a government-regulated company to a joint-stock enterprise as a chance to involve more modern technologies in the production process, thus raise the quality of the products. The employees, headed by Badri D. Kakabadze, proceeded to introduce renovations in every sector of the plant's operation.
   The realization of the reconstruction plan began with the renewal of the material and technical base. With the leadership of Badri D. Kakabadze the productive capacities have been completely refurbished. An administrative building (2600 sq.m.), new warehouses (411 sq.m.), a store and a center for small wholesale transactions have been put into operation. The administrative building has also undergone capital repairs.
   During Badri D. Kakabadze's directorship many innovations had been introduced at the plant. The organizational structure had been overhauled, a new marketing strategy has been developed and initiated. Modern ice cream producing and packing equipment of the "TETRA PACK HOYER" had also been acquired. Currently there are more renovations underway on the "Petroholod" plant, i.e. in the ice cream production department, compressor shop, waffle cone production shop and the boiler room. Such massive improvements are made possible by a well-organized group of dedicated staff under the supervision of an energetic and prescient general director. Presently there are three major directions in the activities of the "Petroholod" enterprise: wholesale trading in foodstuffs; production and sales of ice cream and waffle cones, storage of foodstuffs and other goods which need to go through customs procedures. The production volume is over 7000 tons of over 40 types of ice cream per year. The creation of a brand-name retail network began in 1997; as of now there are over 200 trading companies affiliated with "Petroholod".
   "Petroholod" is the major ice cream producer in the north-western region of Russia, a member of the Trading Enterprises' League of St.Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. In 1997 the enterprise was presented with three international awards of the Trading Leaders' Club: XVII Award for Technology and Quality (Frankfurt, May 26, 1997), XX Gold Trophy for Food Products (Dusseldorf , October, 14, 1997) and the Award for Commercial Success in 1997 (Madrid, December 1, 1997). The achievements of the "Petroholod" enterprise have been made possible by the fact that t finds the means to retain its tendency for active development in the current conditions of the market economy. Regardless of the already stable financial standing and success of the business, the administration is always exploring future possibilities for further development. "We are open for business contacts and mutually beneficial cooperation," says the general director.
   As much as Badri D. Kakabadze is focused on his work, there is much more to his biography. For the thirty thousand Georgian community in St.Petersburg he is the head of the Georgian community, a person who can at all times provide support and understanding to those who share their problems or happiness with him.
   Badri D. Kakabadze has many awards and honorable mentions for his charitable activities. In April 1999 he was awarded the badge of St. George of the Ist rank. For his contributions to the life of the Georgian Diaspora in St. Petersburg, such as the founding of the Georgian school for Abkhasian children-refugees, and the overall strengthening of Russian-Georgian contacts, he was decorated with the Order of Honor. In May of 1999 he received an honorable title of the member of St. Petersburg International Academy of Ice.

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