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Lavrov, Kirill Yuryevich

Theatre and Film actor.
    Born September 15,1925 into the family of Lavrov U.S., the leading actor at Kyyv Lesya Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre.
    Worked at a state farm and then at a factory as a turner.
    From 1943 to 1950 was in army. After demobilization was employed by the Kyyv Lesya Ukrainka Drama Theatre.
    Since 1955 has been working in the troupe of the Gorky Academic Bolshoy Drama Theatre.
    Participated in Tovstonogov's Performances Such as "Five Evenings", "From Woe to Wit", "The Ocean", "Petty Boirgeoises", "The Government Inspector". The broad popularity was brought with the roles in the films "Alive and Dead", "The Karamazovs Brothers", "Calming of the Fire".
    Under the solution of the troupe he became the artistic administrator of the Academic Bolshoy Drama Theatre after Tovstonogov's death.
    Repeatedly elected Deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR.
    From 1989 to 1991 was People's Deputy of the USSR Theatre Union.
    Since 1992 has been President of the International Confederation of Theatrical Unions.
    National Actor of the USSR (1972) and Russia.
    Winner of the USSR and Russian Prizes.
    Hero of Socialist Labour.
    Awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labour.
    Honourary Citizen of St.-Petersburg.

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