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Komaritsyn Anatoly Aleksandrovich

   Head of the Main Board of Navigation and Oceanography at Russia's Ministry of Defense, head of the Navy's Hydrographic Services.
   Born in June 1946 in the town of Sovetskaya Gavan, in a seaman's family. Both his parents served in the military. After the downsizing of the army, his family moved to Angarsk (Siberia), where he has graduated from secondary school.
   Komaritsyn is a graduate of the Pacific Ocean Higher Naval School, a navigator by specialty. He has been an athlete.
   He has started as a leutenant, commander of a group, and advanced to Commander of a nuclear submarine fleet. He has begun his service as an officer at a nuclear submarine of the 627 model. He has become familiar with all vessels built by the constructor Sergei Nikitich Kovalev. Those who have been under Komaritsyn's command consider him a real warrior-like personality.
   Komaritsyn has served in the Kamchatka penninsula region for 25 years. He has graduated from the Naval Academy and the General Headquarters' Academy and completed the Navy's specialized higher courses.
   Today, the Main Board of Navigation and Oceanography is in charge of all fleet hydrographic services and special subordination units, such as the State Navigation and Hydrographics Research Institute, the Central Map-making Production Agency and the Central Map-making Factory, as well as about 300 oceanographic and hydrographic exploration vessels. It corresponds with 70 foreign hydrographic organizations. It collects data and creates navigation maps. In 1999 the Board has created the best existing navigation map of the Arctic Ocean's bottom surface, awarded an international diploma.
   Komaritsyn is a Candidate of Military Studies, a professor at the Military Science Academy. Member of the U.N.'s International Academy of Information Technologies.
   Komaritsyn has spent a total of over five years underwater. He has commanded a nuclear ship at 30, was Deputy Commander of a division at 35, commanded an anti-aircraft nuclear submarine unit at 40.
   Mr. Komaritsyn has been awarded the Orders "For Military Service", "For Service to the Country in Armed Forces" and the Red Star, as well as 14 medals. He is an honorary member of the Navy Council.
   Married. Has a son who is a graduate of a higher naval school.

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