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Komarov Gennady Pavlovich

   Director of the Oktyabrskaya Railroad System. Member of Transportation Ministry's Administrative Board. Accomplished transportation worker, Doctor of transportation.
   Born on June 2, 1941 in the Moscow region. At the beginning of World War II his family was evacuated to Krasnoyarsk.
   In 1962 G.P. Komarov has graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Technical School of Railroad Transportation. In 1969 he has graduated from the Omsk Institute of Railroad Transport Engineering as an electrical engineer.
   He has begun his career in 1962 working in a locomotive depot of Nizhneudinsk, Siberia on the East-Siberian railroad. He has started from entry-level positions and proceeded to the position of Depot Chief. Later he has worked as Deputy Chief of the East-Siberian railroad's Taishet section and as Chief of its Irkutsk section. Over the past 13 years he has been Chief of the East-Siberian railroad.
   By decree of the Russian Federation government G.P. Komarov has been appointed Director of the Oktyabrskaya Railroad System on March 28, 2000.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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