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Korolyov Anatolii Petrovich

   General Director of the "Almaz" shipbuilding company.
   Born on January 1, 1943 in Komi ASSR. After graduation from a secondary school in Kerch he began to work at the Nosenko Shipbuilding factory. In 1967 he had graduated from the Nikolaev Shipbuilding College and was employed by the Leningrad Admiralteiskii Enterprise, where during the years of his employment, he had worked his way to become a deputy production manager. Innovational deepwater equipment, such as "Tinntro", "Tetis", "Poisk", "Bentos", was developed under his supervision. The technical and construction quality still has no analogues in the native shipbuilding industry. He had also participated in the development of the experimental air-cushion ship "Zubr." In 1981 he was awarded the State Prize for the development of new models of submarines. In 1996 he received the Government Prize for the creation of the first ship for ecological monitoring purposes. During his career he was decorated with many medals of national significance for his inventions in the field of native shipbuilding. Since 1986 he is the general director of the shipbuilding firm "Almaz." In 1996 he received special gratitude from the Ministry of Military Defense Industry for his numerous achievements.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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