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Kovalevsky, Valentin Leonovich

    Chairman of the Orthodox Revival Party, President of the "Ost-West" Association.
    Born October 5, 1947 in Leningrad in a family of workers. Graduated from a technical training college as an electrician in 1965, and from the Leningrad Voznisensky Institute of Finance and Economics in 1983. Worked as an electroassembler at the Kozitsky factory before his service in the Soviet army. Started working in the system of public catering at the restaurant of the "Soviet" hotel in 1969. Was the director of "Kronverk" and " The Neva Banks" restaurants. Headed the Public Catering Department of Krasnoyarsky area. During Perestroyka, was one of the founders of the "Polesye" cooperative society. In 1989, founded one of the in St. Petersburg joint ventures "Schwabsky Domik" restaurant.
    Since 1994, has headed the "Ost-West" Association, amalgamating the grocery and trade enterprises, "St. Petersburg", "Senate Bar", "The Nobel Nest", "Caucasus", "Astoria" restaurants, "The European Textiles", "Russian Retail in St. Petersburg" trade houses etc.
    Initiator of the construction The Mother of God Church in Malookhtensky prospect in memory of the victims of Blockade. Chairman of the Parish Council of the Orthodox Committee of this temple.
    Founder and Leader of the Orthodox Revival Party.
    Married, with two sons

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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