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Krivoshapov Vladimir Nikolaevich

   Director general of public corporation "Lengipromez".
   Director general of public corporation "Lengipromez" (State Institute of metal plants projection).
   Born in 1951 in Kislovodsk, Stavropolye Territory.
   In 1974 graduated from physics and metallurgy department of Leningrad Polytechnical Institute.
   Started to work in Lengipromez as an engineer with projection of single sites for Cherepovets metallurgical complex rolling production (now - joint-stock company "Severstal").
   His technical competence, initiative and confidence in making self-dependent decisions helped him become soon a leading technologist of cold rolling workshop projection at a metallurgical plant in Karachi (Pakistan).
   After that in 1981-1985 was supervising building of rolling production sites at Pakistan metallurgical plant starting from assembling of the building's first columns and right until the last assembly was put into the operation.
   After returning from Pakistan in 1985 Krivoshapov was appointed chief engineer for the project of Cherepovets metallurgical complex. Later on with his direct participation and under his leadership reconstruction of cold rolling workshop, mill2000, mill2800/1700 and of other objects of the plant's economy, was fulfilled.
   In 1991 he was appointed deputy director general of the institute's financial and economical activities, and in 1992 - chairman of the privatization commission.
   The main result of Krivoshapov work at this post is that Lengipromez is now a stably working institute that has kept its authority and traditions, and the whole 100% of stocks of "Lengipromez" belong to its active and former workers.

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