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Kotegova Tatiana

   Fashion designer.
   Tatiana sew her first dress at the age of six. When she was 17, she got her first order.
   In the course of two decades (70-80-s) Tatiana Kotegova formed her personal style and created elegant images for her clients in Leningrad.
   Tatiana's dream to become Fashion House's hostess came true in 1991, when she opened the Fashion Saloon and her own name became a trademark.
   Tatiana has achieved fantastic purity of lines and elegancy of silhouette in women's clothes design. Exquisite sexuality, natural cloth only, antique accessories in modern clothes are the main elements of Kotegova's style.
   In 1998 she studied in "Saga Furs" company and since then fur accessories became part of her collections pret-a-porter De Luxe.
   Today for each season collection Tatiana creates footwear as well.
   Famouse ballet-dancers Julia Mahalina and Diana Vishneva, photographer Debora Turbeville and artist Gertruda Derksen are among the clients of Kotegova's Fashion House. Tatiana's favorite image is the image of an independent, daring, but sometimes capricious woman.

   Tatiana Kotegova's photo album

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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