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Koshelyov Alexandr Mihailovich

   General director of the "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg "enterprise.
   Born on March 10, 1961 in Leningrad. After graduation from the Leningrad Polytechnical College he had worked at "Spetshydroenergomontage." Without interrupting his working experience he received his second higher education diploma at the Leningrad College of Economics and Finance. In 1993 he became the general director of the "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg ". A. M. Koshelev considers himself a lenient and competent manager. In his spare time he likes to play sports and read. He is also engaged in charitable activities, financially supporting several boarding schools.
   "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg " was founded in 1991 as a firm specializing in innovational computer technologies. In 1993 it became the business partner and distributor of such well-known companies as Cableton Systems, Oracle, Novell, ACER, Accton Technology, American Power Conversion, CDT, Rittal, AMP. "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg " is one of the leading recognized companies in the field of computer technologies and communications. In the public opinion poll "Top 100 of Computer Business in Russia", conducted by DATOR Agency in 1997, "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg " was named 10-11th in the "System Integrator" nomination, and 9-10th in "Consulting Companies." It is also one of 5000 enterprises acknowledged as the leaders of Russian economy. In April of 1998 it received the Public Appraisal Diploma of St. Petersburg Consumer Affairs Department and the "Common Grounds" company. A number of independent publications, such as "Financial News" and "PC Week" name the management of "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg " as the most influential in computer business in Russia. The success and authority of the firm, achieved in a relatively short period of time, can be predominantly credited to highly competent specialists employed by the firm. Its engineers have completed special training and were certified by leading companies in the field of computer technology, such as Compaq, Cabletron Systems, APC, AMP, and CDT.
   "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg " strives to satisfy the demands of a variety of customers, from small private firms to requests of official governmental organizations. Its work is possible due to availability of the highest quality equipment. Among its customers and clients "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg " can name the Presidential Administration of Russian Federation, the Pension Fund of Russian Federation, the Moscow branch of BBC broadcasting company, "Menatep" bank, Moscow Patriarchy, and others. It had also participated in the developments for Motorola Company, Unilever, St. Petersburg Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Baltic Customs Department, etc. Presently "ELKO Technology - St. Petersburg " is engaged in creation of informational systems, including local and global networks, for the Committee of Economics and Finances of St. Petersburg City Hall and for the head branch of the Central Bank of Russian Federation in St. Petersburg.

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