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Krasnikov Alexander Mikhailovich

President of the «Peterburgrekonstruktsiya» Public Corporation.

Born in 24 April, 1952.

He graduated from the Leningrad Engineering and Building Institute, speciality: «Industry and Civil Building», then from Voznesenskiy Finances and Economics Institute, speciality: «External Economics Activity», has got practical experience in Germany and USA.

More that 20 years Alexander Krasnikov had been working at the Baltic Works – from 1972 to 1990, at first in the chief architecture's department, then as a Chief Architecture of the works himself.

In 1998 shortly after a low on co-operation had been issued he created a repair and building society named «Sigma».

In 1999 he became a president of the «Peterburgrekonstruktsiya» Public Corporation.

Alexander Krasnikov is married and has two children: a boy and a girl, the first one is 27 years and he actively takes over his father's experience and helps him in the business, the last one is 21 years old and she is a future economist. They both study in Australia.

In 80-ths he managed a sport-technical club, was an instructor-guide, took part in motor rallies, and nowadays he still likes active types of the sport-jockeying, snowmobile racing. He is fond of dogs being a owner of a rottweiler and Caucasian dog.

In the work he is severe but just, ready to accept unbiased criticism, pays attention to details, strives to create maximum comfortable conditions for his staff.

«Peterburgrekonstruktsiya» Public Corporation.

Projects of the «Peterburgrekonstruktsiya» Public Corporation.

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