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Kobitsky Arkady Semenovich

Director General, Member of the Board, Chairman of the Directors Committee, LOMO PLC (www.lomo.ru).

Born on May 7, 1947. In 1978 graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics with the speciality "Economy and Organization of Machine-building Industry", having combined study with work. His professional activity began in 1964, at Leningradskaya Iskra Plant, where he worked as a mechanic and a repair man. In 1965, having graduated from the Leningrad Industrial Technical School, Arkady Kobitsky came to LOMO.

At first he worked as a mechanic and assembler, but only a year later was appointed a foreman. Kobitsky went through every career step: he worked as a senior foreman, head of a workshop, director of the production and technological complex, trade director, first deputy general director.

Since December 19, 1997 Mr. Kobitsky has been Director General of LOMO PLC. Under his guidance the company has performed a number of restructure activities required for effective functioning in market economy conditions.

Mr. Kobitsky is a representative of a labour dynasty well-known at LOMO. The Kobitskys have worked at LOMO in total for more than 200 years.

Awarded with the Order of Honour, with the Russian Federation State Award in the field of design (as a member of LOMO specialists group), medals "300 Years of the Russian Fleet" and "Labour Veteran". Also has been awarded the title "Honorary Machine-builder" and "Honored Labour Veteran of LOMO".

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