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Kuzmina Ludmila Ivanovna

   Literary critic, Master of Philological Sciences, member of the Trustee Committee of the Baltic Fund.
   In 1948 Ludmila Kuzmina graduated from the department of philology of the Leningrad State University. Her career is closely connected to the Institute of Russian Literature - the Pushkin House, where she has been holding positions in various departments, such as the Turgenev group, Literature Museum, the department of manuscripts. The complete edition of the works and letters of I. S. Turgenev came out as a result of her thirty years of research and editorial work at the Pushkin House. In 1974 she had successfully defended her doctoral dissertation entitled "I. S. Turgenev and the Russian Artists."
   L. I. Kuzmina's articles have been widely published in various scholarly periodicals. She is the author of eight books and has written for collections of academic research dedicated to I. S. Turgenev and F.M. Dostoyevskij. Her articles and reviews have appeared in the "Magazine of Russian Literature", "The New Magazine", "Zvezda", "Neva", "Music Life" magazine, as well as "Cahiers" magazine, and the "Russkaya Mysl" newspaper, both published in France. Her research interests went in two directions. On one hand she was preoccupied with the correlation of Russian literature of the second half of the XIXth century with the visual arts of the same historical period. On the other hand she has written monographs on many Russian writers and the cities where they have lived. Meticulous research and analysis of unpublished literary archives is characteristic for her work, which has lead her to compile personal files on contemporary Russian writers for the Pushkin House. In the future she is preparing for publication of monographs on I. S. Turgenev and O. D. Forsh, as well as her autobiographical writings "The Notes of the Archivist."

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