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Alexander Kerzhakov

    The date of berth - the 27th of November 1982 year.
   Citizenship - Russian
   Height - 175cm
   Weight - 71kg
   Specialty - forward
   1999-2000 - "Svetogorec" club
   From 2001 - "Zenit" club
   From the 27th of May 2002 - national team of Russia
   The participant of the World's Championship-2002
   One of the best 33 players of 2003 season
   The bronze prizewinner of Russian Championship in 2001 year.
   Alexander Kerzhakov was born in Kingisepp (near St.-Petersburg). His father was also a footballer and he is the first Sasha's coach. The first club of Kerzhakov was "Svetogorec".
   When Sasha was a ten-year-old boy, the coaches of sportschool "Zenit" persuaded Sasha's parents to let out their boy to St.-Petersburg. In 1993 Kerzhakov was a footballer of sportschool for young men "Zenit", where Sasha got football education from couch S.Romanov. During this time Sasha lived and studied in the sport boarding school. V.Kazachenko in "Svetogorec" club learned Kerzhakov as a forward. Coaches and specialists were surprised by Kerzhakov's skills. Trainings are very important for Sasha, he carried out all coaches tasks seriously.
   In 1997 year Kerzhakov wasn't joined in the city's team of young men. But Kerzhakov continued training with double energy. And soon he was invited to the national team of young men, where he was indisputably the leader.
   Kerzhakov scores different goals: point-blank goals and from 25 meters. He can score not only deciding goals but also get an accurate pass. Without any hesitation coaches can't imagine national football without forward Kerzhakov - favourite of all fans.

   Kerzhakov's photoalbum

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