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Klimov Sergei Mikhailovich

    Rector of the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Trade, Economics and Law, Candidate of Economics, Senior Lecturer, acting member of the Academy of Humanities, member of the National Knowledge Academy. Awarded the Order of Friendship for his accomplishments in the area of education.
   Born in Leningrad on April 21, 1953.
   Graduated from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute in 1976. Defended his Candidate's thesis titled "Educational Activity in Economics, Organization and Management" in 1996.
   S.M. Klimov was the eleventh child in a family of factory workers.
   He is married with two sons.
   S.M. Klimov loves St. Petersburg for its parts tied with the life of important scholars, writers, educators and religious figures. He is particularly interested in the history of the city's educational institutions. He also loves nature and the suburbs of St. Petersburg.
   Klimov is definitely a man of action rather than a dreamer. In his life he constantly strives for perfection. His dreams are always in the domain of reality. His main goal is to ensure that everyone has the best possible chance of receiving the education of one's choice over that person's entire active life span.
   His main sphere of scholarly interest is economics and management of higher and complementary professional education and social education programs. S.M. Klimov authored over 30 essays on these topics, among these: "The Organization of Social Educational Activity, Models and Forms" (1995), "The Basics of Strategic Planning" (co-author, 1998), his monographic research "Non-Formal Adult Education: Problems of Economics and Management" (1998), "The St. Petersburg Organization of "Knowledge" Society, 1947-1997. Work Records" (1997).
   S.M. Klimov has headed the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Trade, Economics and Law (IFTEL) since its foundation in 1994. The institute was created as a private higher school of the new generation, embodying the principle of accessible higher education for all segments of the population. St. Petersburg's "Knowledge" Society, which for over 50 years has associated the city's scholars and creative artists, acted as one of the school's founders. This legendary organization has passed over to the institute its best characteristics, such as its special atmosphere of warmth and kindness and its traditional respect for the living word. People that constitute the pride of St. Petersburg's scholarly world are among the institute's workers.
   IFTEL received a license in 1995 and successfully passed through state accreditation in 1998. Today the institute is among the country's largest private higher schools. It has branches in the Leningrad region and throughout the country, Kaliningrad to Khabarovsk. In 1999 it has been awarded an honorary "Public Recognition" sign for its significant contribution to the development of the region.
   At the present time IFTEL prepares specialists in the areas of law, management, public relations, economics, linguistics, psychology and international relations. The year 2000 has been marked by the opening of a Master Studies Program. Today the institute offers an opportunity to receive a higher education to thousands of young people. It also offers specialists an opportunity to raise their qualification or to obtain a second higher degree.
   The institute is marked by its collegial approach to decision-making and a high degree of personal responsibility. Its professional requirements are very high: over 80% of its lecturers have Candidate's and Doctoral degrees and teach according to their own specially developed methods.
   The institute realizes the principle of accessible private higher education throughout Russia through a number of measures:
   It has created a network of branches in the Leningrad region and in other regions of Russia, in Yerevan (Armenia) and Baku (Azerbaijan).
   It offers reduced tuition to low-income families, handicapped persons, war veterans and former servicemen.
   It organizes the "Sails of Science" annual Olympiad for higher-grade secondary school students of various regions of Russia and of the CIS. Winners of the Olympiad become eligible for reduced-tuition programs at the institute. Gold and silver medal secondary school graduates are also eligible for such programs.

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