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Kuskin, Ivan Semeonovich

    General director of the joint - stock company "The Hotel complex" Pulkovskaya".
    Ivan Kuskin was born in March, 20th, 1928 in Leningrad. By the beginning of the blockade his father was an invalid, and his mother - a housewife. There were 5 more children in the family except Ivan. He did not want to be a boarder in the big family and he went to the army. Later he finished the Air Force School, then the Aviation College in Borisoglebsk. After graduation he flew on the fighter. He decided to continue his education for his further career and he entered the High Navy Academy, the aviation department. So he became the fighter - pilot.
    Up to now in the native fighter aviation he is known as a legendary pilot, who tested the majority of modern aircraft: SU -11, SU-15, MIG - 25. In general he mastered 15 fighting planes. He had flown 25 calendar years.
    He became a recipient of the Order of the Red Banner for his participation in the aviation parade devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union. Also he has 21 medals and the Order of the Red Star as the division commander , who led the military excercises.
    But he thinks his the most precious award is the medal "For Leningrad's defense", which he received when he was 14 years old during the blockade, having been one of the first awarded. Ivan Kuskin had been working on the subsidiary economies, enterprises during all 900 days of the blockade. He had been a watchman on the bakery.
    In 1978 Ivan Kuskin had retired as the General, having given to the army 49 years of his life.
    In 1979 he was appointed the general director of the hotel "Pulkovskaya", which was being built at that time. Two years later he finally accepted the hotel. The last 20 years have been closely connected with the hotel, which have become his favourit offspring.
    Due to the international standards the hotel "Pulkovskaya" belongs to the 4 star hotels. There are 840 rooms for 1600 people in the hotel complex. Among them there are 80 single rooms, 743 double rooms and 17 two-room de luxe, three big and several small restaurants, two bars. There is the concert hall "Pulkovskiy" for 500 seats. The hotel had many changes since it had been built: three new shops were opened, there is the bank department with the currency exchange office; international telephone services. You may arrange visas or trips abroad in the traveling company "Pul Travel". Also it is possible to buy plane and train tickets. There is a sport complex with several tennis courts, a garage with a workshop and a washing for cars. For tourists there is the beauty saloon, shoes and clothes repairing.
    The hotel finished 1998 with the stable profit and big plans for the future. Ivan Kuskin wants to build the modern tourist center on the basis of the hotel, preserving the hotel "Pulkovskaya" as a single organism. Today the general director is absolutely sure in the necessity to develop the hotel management for the whole city and for all citizens.
    Ivan Kuskin is often visited by the former soldiers. He talks to everybody personally, but his principle of the job placement is the professional suitability. The main staff has been preserved since the hotel's opening.
    In his opinion, a leader must unite "a considerate father" and "a teacher" in himself , not to have the excessive cruelty , because it may cause failure. An employee should be not only paid for his work but also be taught to work. It is important to try to maintain good people in the group.
    Ivan Kuskin has been interested in sport since his youth because his work required to be in a good form . He is still playing tennis every week at the week ends: in winter - in the gym, but in summer - in the open court.
    Ivan Kuskin is married, he has two sons and three grandsons. So his main plan in his life - is to take care of his family. He wants his relatives to have a normal rythm in this rapid life.

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