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Ivanova Tatiana Grigoryevna

   Doctor of philological sciences, manager of the manuscript department at the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House).
   T. G. Ivanova graduated from the Leningrad State University’s department of philology in 1975. In the years between 1977 and 1981 she had studied in the graduate school of the Pushkin House in the field of Russian folklore. Since 1979 she works at the Pushkin House. In 1982 she has written her master thesis on the topic of textual criticism of Russian epics. In 1994 T. G. Ivanova has defended her doctorate dissertation on Russian folklore studies of the beginning of the XXth century. She is the author of over ninety studies in the field of folklore research, and has compiled many bibliographical references in the area of literary criticism. She has proved herself as a professional publisher of the documents on St. Petersburg’s cultural history. She also prepared the second edition of the “The Russian Fairy Tales of Perm”, and the publication of memoirs of E. V. Dyagileva “Family Chronicles of the Dyagilevs.” T. G. Ivanova is the staff correspondent of many periodicals, such as “Russian Folklore”, “Annual of the Manuscript Department of the Pushkin House”, “Russian Literature” magazine, “Ethnographical Review”, “Living Antiquity.” She has also written articles for various foreign publications for Slavic studies.
   Since 1993 she lectures on poetics of folklore and the history of Russian folklore in the Ethnomusicology department at the St. Petersburg State Conservatory. She also teaches “Introduction to Folklore Studies” and “Methods of Bibliographical Research” courses for the students of St. Petersburg State University History department.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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