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Kukin Yury Alekseevich

   Singer, composer, bard.
   Born July 17, 1932 in Sjasstroy, Leningrad oblast. Since 1973 has been living in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg).
   Graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Phisical Culture named after P.F. Lesgaft. Worked as a trainer of figure-skating, an instructor, a geophysicist.
   Since 1971 worked in Leningrad philharmonic society, 1979 - in Lenconcert, 1988 - in theatre-studuo "Benefis".
   In 1963 he began to compose songs, at first for the jazz-band, where he was a drummer, then for Institute parties (kapustniks). Many songs were composed during his geological expeditions to Pamirs, Kamchatka, Far East.
   The most famouse songs of Yury Kukin are "Behind the mist", "Magician', "Paris", "City", "Old story-teller", "Little dwarf".
   1965 - laureate of the first amaeur singers and composers' contest in Leningrad (for the song "Behind the mist").
   1966 - laureate of the All-Russia tourist song contest in Moscow (for the song "Paris").
   1967 - laureate of the second amateur singers and composers' contest in Leningrad (for the song "Train").
   A number of Kukin's cassettes, CDs, video-cassettes, song-books were released.

   (The material has been prepared by A. and M. Levitans)

   The portrait - photo by Y. Bogdanov (Saint-Petersburg)

   Photoalbum of Kukin Yury Alekseevich

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