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Pavel Grigorievich Kapysh

   Founder and, until July 1999, President of Baltic Financial and Industrial Group.
   Mr. Kapysh was born March 18, 1956 in Murmansk, Russia, to an army officer's family. A 1978 graduate of the Leningrad State University, in 1983 he completed the post-graduate program in the Leningrad Engineering Finance Academy. Pavel Kapysh had a Candidate's Degree in Economics, was involved in scientific research, authored publications on the most acute problems of Russia's social and economic development, on topics of macroeconomics.
   Pavel Kapysh belonged to Russia's business elite. Reputable directories such as "Who Is Who In Russia" and "Who Is Who In the Leningrad Region" list Pavel Kapysh as one of the most influential business figures. Pavel Kapysh was a member of The Institute of Petroleum, as well as a number of most prestigious international business clubs, including the English Club and Rotary Club.
   Pavel Kapysh and his associates have founded Baltic FIG in early 1990's. The company has not only survived these years of drastic economic changes and political turmoil, but it has turned into a stable and thriving business.
   The companies of Baltic FIG owe much of their success to Pavel Kapysh, his inexhaustible energy, professionalism, and talent to select top management officials and like-minded associates.
   Under the leadership of Pavel Kapysh, Baltic Financial and Industrial Group has occupied a distinctive political, financial and social position in the North-Western region. St. Petersburg's Administration and the Leningrad Region Government officially authorized Baltic FIG to implement regional social and financial programs, and the Group has successfully completed those.
   Baltic FIG companies, represented by Mr. Kapysh, have been regular participants of the largest international forums and exhibitions, such as MIPIM in Cannes and the St. Petersburg International Economics Forums, oil symposiums, science conferences in London, Vienna, Berlin and Moscow, and many other industrial fairs and exhibitions.
   Pavel Kapysh has directly managed the largest projects of the Group, overcoming obstacles created by both natural and social environments.
   The increase of oil exploration and production volumes is among the Group's main objectives. ZAO "Gran-Neft", one of the Baltic FIG companies, involved in oil locating and development, is successfully operating in the Timano-Pechersk oil area. This project has been directly supervised by Pavel Kapysh.
   Baltic FIG, the major fuel operator of North-Western Russia, is successfully and efficiently developing its activity in other areas. Mr. Kapysh has initiated the construction of the distinctive industrial complex in the once-wild moors of the Pskov region. The complex includes fish processing enterprises, recreational facilities for the Group's employees, a horse breeding farm and hunting forests. The Group focuses its activity on environmental protection and the reforestation of the region.
   Fishing and fish processing grew into an important operation of the Group. Pavel Kapysh has recognized that it is vitally important to develop the local fishing industry in order to provide the region with fresh lake fish. Thus the Group has constructed the unique fishing port Storozhenets, that has exemplary strategic, industrial and social value. The regional Administration eagerly supports activities of the Group that has created over 1,000 new jobs in the Pskov region.
   Under the leadership of Mr. Kapysh, Baltic FIG has been implementing its large-scale social program to protect the interests of its employees. The personnel was provided with free catering and on-the-job training. The reward system was differentiated in accordance with the degree of professionalism and work input.
   Pavel Kapysh died tragically on July 26, 1999. His associates and followers continue to carry out Baltic FIG's main social mission, which involves meeting the vital needs of St. Petersburg and the North-Western region of Russia. This mission transforms business goals of the Group into its social duty, and its profits into community interests. The Group continually sponsors cultural, non-profit, sports and charity organizations and programs.

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