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Kliachkin Evgeny Isaakovich

   Singer, composer, bard.
   Born March 23, 1934 in Leningrad.
   Graduated from Leningrad Engineering and Building Institute in 1957. Worked as an engineer in different building organizations in Leningrad.
   He began to compose songs in 1961. At first to other poets' lyrics, then mainly to his own.
   Played seven stringed guitar.
   1965, 1967 - laureate of the first and the second amaeur singers and composers' contest in Leningrad.
   1965 - laureate of the tourist songs contest in Brest.
   1969 - laureate of the second all-Russia tourist songs contest in Moscow.
   Totally Evgeny Kliachkin composed more then 300 songs, 70 of them to other poets' lyrics.
   In 1990 Evgeny Kliachkin with his family emigrated to Israel. He gave concerts in Israel and in USA. In 1994 he came with concerts to Russia.
   Evgeny Kliachkin died on July 30, 1994.
   1994 - the first book of songs "Don't look back" was released.
   1999 - the book "Looking back at my life".
   2000 - the collection of songs and recollections "We live till we are loved"
   Three giant-disks were released by "Melody" firm:
   1987 - "Autumn motif",
   1990 - "Pilgrims",
   1995 - "To Russia".
   1995 - "To my contemporaries",
   1996 - "Beginnings and ends",
   2000 - "The best songs",
   2001 - "Evgeny Kliachkin. Russian bards".
   1995 - "Wet waltz" and "Melody to the boat's rhythm",
   1996 - "To my contemporaries",
   1999 - "Nothing to feel sorry for".
   His songs "Don't look back", "A song about the morning city", "Pskov", "Child's picture", "Coming back", "Wet waltz", "To my contemporaries" are the most famouse.

   (The material has been prepared by A. and M. Levitans)

   The portrait - photo by Y. Bogdanov (Saint-Petersburg)

   Photoalbum of Kliachkin Evgeny Isaakovich

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