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Lazaryan Vyacheslav Pavlovich

   General Director of JSC Sovauto St. Petersburg.
   He was born and grew up in the Karabakh district of Azerbaijan. After graduating from secondary school he has begun to work as assistant mechanic at the Mingechaur Road Service Machines Factory. There he has mastered the profession of tools mechanic.
   V.P. Lazaryan has served in the armed forces' railroad units in the Leningrad region. He has remained in Leningrad after military service in 1970. Afterwards, he was hired as a driver by the Leningrad Automobile Transport Company # 17 at the Lenstroytrans Administrative Board. Mr. Lazaryan has combined his work with studying at the Polytechnical University's evening department. It was not easy, but both his studies and his accumulated experience have shown their results. His hard work and initiative have been noted and he has been raised to the position of operation engineer.
   The young specialist has demonstrated his talents for administrative work and in 1974 he has been appointed Deputy Chief of the Glavlenautotrans Trucking Company # 15. After a year he has become Deputy Chief of the Lenstroytrans Truck Operation Company # 2. At that time, the company has been servicing the city's major construction projects. Mr. Lazaryan was charged with creating new routes, forming driver's brigades and scheduling supply deliveries. For the system to operate efficiently, he had to make trips to construction sites on a 24-hour a day basis.
   Well-organized supply delivery to the city's construction sites has been noted by the Glavnevautotrans Board and in November 1981 he has been appointed First Deputy Chief in charge of operation and commerce of the Leningrad's Transportation System's Auto Service Board. The creation of a transportation system, co-ordinating and uniting all of the city's transport routes into a network has led to a significant improvement of city life. This idea has been approved by the national government and recommended for application in other regions of the country. Transportation networks have been proved very useful over time.
   Mr. Lazaryan has remained at his position until February 1984, when he was appointed Deputy Chief of the city's Board of Agriculture (Glavlenplodoovosch- prom). This has drastically changed his sphere of work, but Lazaryan energetically mastered his new specialty. The work involved a great amount of responsibility due to the fact that the Board supplied the entire city with food products. Lazaryan was soon promoted. The new position involved travelling throughout the region as well as to other regions and U.S.S.R. republics. Lazaryan was in charge of delivery agreements, which required persuasion and sometimes coersion of partners that did not fulfill their agreement terms. His duties led to close interaction with city administration and members of the national government. He developed ties with various regions' administration workers and greatly broadened his perspectives. During the period of Mr. Lazaryan's work in the Agriculture Board, the famous free-price fruit and vegetable shops, such as "Gdansk", "Gdynia" and "Sopot" were opened up for the first time in the U.S.S.R. The prices in these shops were unfixed, determined solely by their rentability.
   Deliveries of agricultural products were made by direct contracts with suppliers from U.S.S.R. republics and countries of the Warsaw Pact. Products were delivered by automobile transport, with a simplified registration procedure, in the shortest possible terms. This required a lot of co-ordination work, certain international agreements had to be signed. A specialized 40-truck automobile column was created by the board during this time. Later, the number of trucks was brought to 180.
   Over many years of work in another area, transportation has continued to interest Mr. Lazaryan. In August 1990 he became Director of Sovauto-Leningrad (later renamed Sovauto St. Petersburg) International Cargo Transportation Association. Eight months after Lazaryan had left the Agriculture Board, its administrative committee was dissolved.
   Sovauto St. Petersburg became the first joint stock automobile transport company to be registered in the city. It has gone through periods of rapid development and crises. At the present time Sovauto St. Petersburg's General Director is in charge of the largest automobile transport company in Russia's North-Western region.
   Mr. Lazaryan is well-known by Europe's transporation providers, particularly in Scandinavia. He is a member of Russia's International Transportation Association's Council. His merits have been awarded with the "Accomplished Automobile Transportation Worker of Russia" honorary title.
   Mr. Lazaryan drives his own work car. He loves to spend his free time in natural settings, enjoys gardening on his private land lot in the country.

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