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Robert Lotosh

   Born in Leningrad in 1953.
   Graduated from the I.E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Department of Sculpture) in 1982.
   Member of Russia's Artists' Association since 1985.
   R. Lotosh lives and works in St. Petersburg.
   His works are exhibited at: the State Russian Museum, the Museum of City Sculpture, "Manege" Central Exhibition Hall's modern art collection (St. Petersburg), Russia's Ministry of Culture, Russia's Artists' Association (Moscow); in private collections of Russia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Sweden, and of the U.S.
   R. Lotosh has participated in local and international exhibitions since 1981.
   Personal exhibitions: Museum of City Sculpture, St. Petersburg, 1997.
   Robert Lotosh is a sculptor of mature style, in whose art tradition plays an important role. All of his works are characterized by high artistic culture. It is felt in everything: in the way Lotosh shapes his works, the way he organizes the shapes plastically, the way he poses them rhythmically in space. Material is always yielding and expressive in a sculptor's hands, whether it is bronze, stone or wood. Smooth lines and surfaces of 3-dimensional objects work in unison with the material's own surface. The material's texture intensifies the images spiritually by amplifying their emotional resonance. Traditional images, such as the nude female body, compositions of male and female figures, torsos and figures of Classical divinities take hold of the viewer's imagination. They are all re-molded in the Lotosh's art into unexpected and fascinating plastic solutions, provoking a multitude of artistic associations and feelings in viewers.
   Lotosh's sculptures are modern and decorative, the look good in empty space as well as in floral surroundings.

   Robert Lotosh's photo album

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