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Kaplan Lev Moiseevich

   Director the St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies, Doctor of Economical Sciences, Professor, Honoured Economist of Russia.
   Lev Kaplan is well known among directors and specialists of St. Petersburg and Russian construction complex. For 15 years he had headed economical departments of largest Leningrad trusts, and then turned to the higher education system, teaching specialists for construction industry. During 5 years he had headed the direction "Construction" in the faculty "Organization of Production" in the Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics and for 25 years headed the chair "Organization and Management in Construction" in the Leningrad Institute of Professional Development, which has already trained 18 thousand of specialists.
   In 1991-1995 Kaplan was a co-director of five programs financed by TACIS intended to train the management of construction companies in western methods of management. 150 directors of various Russian cities have been trained in the network of these programs. Kaplan actively participates in St. Petersburg's social life; he heads a number of committees and working groups on economical mechanisms of construction, on development of St. Petersburg Strategic Plans.
   Professor Kaplan is the author of more than 140 scientific works, including 11 books on economics of construction. He directed defending of 11 Ph.D. theses and 3 of his students became doctors of economical sciences.
   In the end of 1994 Kaplan initiated establishing of a St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies, and in 1995 founded the Union and became its director. The union comprises 140 companies, where about 70 % employees of the St. Petersburg construction complex work, and is also a regional member of the Russian Union of Constructors.
   Being the director of the St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies Kaplan performed a large-scale work on uniting construction companies of St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya Oblast.
   Kaplan directed 2 all-Russian and 6 city conferences on urgent problems of construction organization and economics, a number of other city events.
   Kaplan actively works as a co-chairman of the working group of housing politics and house-building, as a member of the General Council of development of St. Petersburg Strategic Plans, as the head of the working group of the program of the St. Petersburg and Leningradskaya Oblast construction complexes integration, as a member of the Investment Council under the St. Petersburg's Governor, carries out social work defending interests of many thousands employees of the construction complex.
   In 1998 he was awarded the title of an "Honoured Economist of Russia".

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