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Kuleshov, Vlad Petrovich

    Chairman of the Russian Branch of the World Flowers Union.
    Born April 15,1941 in Leningrad. Graduated in landscape Architecture from the Leningrad Kirov Timber Academy, and from the "Sogettsu" Momentary Ikebana School (Japan, 1972). From 1958 worked as Chief gardener and from 1969 as a landscape architect at the Sestroretsk Voskov Sanatorium.
    Since 1989 has been a leading phytodesigner of the "Flora" salon. Since 1989 has been teaching at International and St.Petersburg schools of phyto- and floral design.
    One of the leading experts on floral design and interior, accessories design. Is working on the revival of phyto design of the old St.Petersburg.
    President of the "Flora" association.
    Member of the Russian and World Association of Flower Arrangement.
    Awarded two "For Devoted Work" medals, and seven silver medals of The USSR Achievements Exhibition.
    Awarded 19 prizes and diplomas at the international flower contests and 130 diplomas of the All-Union and Russian contests.
    Married, with two sons.

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"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach
"Personalities of St. Petersberurg" almanach

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