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Klebanov Ilya Iosifovich

   Authorized Representative of the Russian Federation's President in the North-Western federal district.
   Born May 7, 1951 in Leningrad, in a military officer's family. Graduated from the Leningrad Kalinin's Polytechnical Institute in 1974 as an electrophysics engineer.
   Since 1974 until 1977 worked as an engineer at the "Electron" scientific production enterprise.Began to work for the Leningrad Optics and Mechanics Association (LOMO) in 1977. Worked there as construction engineer, foreman of the optics shop, Chief of the consruction bureau, Chief of the technology bureau, aide to Chief Technician. In 1989-90 he has been Chief Engineer of the LOMO medical technology and public-consumption production complex.
   In 1990 Klebanov became Director of the complex. While working there, he has made a large contribution to the improvement of medical endoscope quality. To this end, he has established co-operation with the Japanese firm called Olympus, a leading producer in this area, which has eventually helped to bring Russian-made endoscopes much closer to world quality standards.
   Since 1992 he has been General Director of LOMO.
   Under his leadership new technologies have been created, including night vision devices, information entry and processing apparatus (successfully used in election systems). Important medical innovations have been introduced by the firm.
   With Mr. Klebanov's direct participation, LOMO has been granted large investment funds in the process of privatization, and this has made possible the application of new production technologies. Under Klebanov's supervision many traditional areas of LOMO's work, such as microscopy, endoscopy, spectral and observational devices, have been modernized to fit world market standards, which has allowed LOMO to significantly increase its export and to raise its reputation even higher.
   From December 1997 until May 31 1999 I.I. Klebanov has been First Vice Governor and Chairman of the St. Petersburg Administration's Economy and Industrial Policy Committee.
   On May 31, 1999 Ilya Klebanov was appointed Vice Premier of the Russian Federation Government, in charge of the military-industrial complex affairs.
   On November 3 2003 he was appointed the Authorized Representative of the Russian Federation's President in the North-Western federal district.
   Married, has a 20-year-old daughter (who is a student at the St. Petersburg Economics and Finance University) and a 10-year-old son (secondary school student). Loves reading, music, mushroom-picking. Prefers to spend his spare time, which he has very little of, with his family.
   This information has been provided by the St. Petersburg administration's Information Centre.

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