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Kovalev Alexander NikolayevichKovalev Alexander Nikolayevich

Born in the city of Donetsk, 30/05/1949 poet, essayist.

Education power engineer, graduated from the Moscow Power Institute (1968-1974) and post-graduate studies at the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute (19781982), Ph.D., professor, academician of the PANI, the expert of the International Energy Committee, one of the country's leading experts in the field of energy. Simultaneously, many years of professional work in the literature in the genres of poetry and journalism.

The first literary experience gained in Moscow, where as a student was engaged in a poetic master-class Alexander Mezhirov. Here, in Moscow, on radio and in the youth newspaper appeared the first publication of his poems. Seriously as literary works Kovalev already engaged in Leningrad, where started his carrier after graduation as a designer engineer on famous turbine factory “Leningrad Metal Plant” (LMZ).

Poems of Alexander Kovalev, his essays and journalistic articles from the mid-seventies has consistently published magazines “Neva”, “Aurora”, “Star”, “Change”, “Young Grvardiya”, “The Soviet soldier”, “Literary Studies”, “Friendship” “Student Meridian”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Literaturnaya Gazeta” and many other publications. Poems and prose translated abroad.

Alexander Kovalev is a member of the Russian Writers' Professional Union (1991), the author of two dozen books published in different years in the publishing houses in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

But, creative portrait of Alexander Kovalev would be incomplete without ironic creations. Humorous poems Kovalev, his parodies, satirical poems and stories with pleasure publish the Literaturnaya Gazeta and Journal “Crocodile”, the magazine “Around the laughter” and the American “Boston's cosmopolitan”. His Humor come to the people from the books and on television programs. Alexander Kovalev is author and regular participant of the popular humoristic programs of the Central Russian Television, as a “Smehopanorama”, “Laugh permitted” and others.

Alexander Kovalev winner of the All-Russian literary awards (1988 and 2008), as well as the winner of the All-Russian Festival of ironic poetry (2010). His poetry and prose were translated into Bulgarian, English, Finnish and other languages.


  • BALANCE, Sat. of poetry, ed. “Lenizdat”, 1982.
  • I'LL BE BACK AT DAWN, the poems (the book in the book), Sat. “Vasilevsky Ostrov”, ed. “Contemporary”, Moscow, 1985.
  • RELATIONSHIP, Sat. of poetry, ed. “Contemporary”, Moscow, 1989.
  • APPOINTED HOUR, Sat. of poetry, ed. LO “Soviet writer”, L., 1990.
  • POINT OF RETURN, Sat. of poetry, ed. “Young Guards”, Moscow, 1990.
  • CROSSROADS, Sat. of poetry, ed. “Molde Guard”, M., 1990.
  • SUBURB, Sat. of poetry, ed. “Satis”, St. Petersburg., 1993.
  • PARODIZ, Sat. literary parodies, ed. “Satis”, St. Petersburg., 1993.
  • TIME, favorite poems, ed. “Satis”, St. Petersburg, 1994.
  • LAST SNOWFALL, intimate lyrics, ed. “LIO Editor”, St. Petersburg, 1996.
  • ON ANOTHER MERIDIAN, the poems about foreign countries, ed. “Satis”, St. Petersburg., 1998.
  • IN THOSE DAYS, Sat. of poetry, ed. “LIO Editor”, St. Petersburg., 1997.
  • LIKHOLETOV, Sat. of poetry, ed. “Satis”, St. Petersburg., 2000.
  • ON THE HILL UNDER THE SUN, prose notebooks, ed. “Satis”, St. Petersburg., 2003.
  • MUSES AND KRNFUZY, literary parody, ed. “Duma”, St. Petersburg., 2003.
  • START LIFE ANEW, Sat. of poetry, ed. “Native expanses”, St. Petersburg., 2005.
  • FIRE IN THE BATH, literary parodies, ed. “Native expanses”, St. Petersburg., 2006.
  • Selected novels in 2 volumes, ed. “Native expanses”, St. Petersburg., 2008.
  • WOE TO THE SKIRT, literary parodies, ed. “Native expanses”, St. Petersburg., 2010.

Some articles on the works of A. Kovalev:

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Internet links:
Site of the Writers' Union: http://www.litcenter.spb.su/kovalev.html
Alex Kovalev poems in the Electronic Library: http://lit.lib.ru/k/kowalew_a_n
Site of Russian Union of humorists: http://www.umoristy.ru/p99.html
Video clips of humorous broadcasts DH: http://video.mail.ru/mail/alex-kovalev/1?page=1


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