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Kuznetsov Aleksey Petrovich

Honoured artist of Russia, famous teacher.

Born in 1916, in Orenburg. On graduating from a secondary school worked as a mechanic at a repair plant. That time he started painting and drawing and presented his work at a competition of young talents in Leningrad.

In 1932 entered Penza Art School, where he was taught by famous painters (N.F. Petrov, Gorushkin-Sorokopudov).

In 1932, having graduated from the school, entered the all-Russian Academy of Arts, where he continued to take lessons by N.F. Petrov.

The war has interrupted Kuznetsov's art education, but in 1946 he managed to graduate from the Academy of Arts as a painter.

In 1947 A. Kuznetsov started his teaching activity in the Secondary Art School attached to the Leningrad Academy of Arts. In 1948 he began to work in the studio of the professor, an outstanding national artist B.V. Ioganson. This was the final step in determination of Kuznetsov's creative path. In 1951 he finished his training in the studio with the work "Stalin in an Underground Printing-House".

The artist is a successor of the Russian realistic school. He also taught great many painters, who have made a significant contribution to the history of Russian art.

In 1960 the Ministry of Culture send him to Vietnam to organize a national school of art and development of realistic painting in the Hanoi Art Institute. He spent there two years.

In 1968 Kuznetsov was awarded the title of honoured Russian artist.

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