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Kivinov Andrey Vladimirovich

   Was born on November, 25, 1961 in Leningrad.
   In 1979 tryed to enter philologycal faculty of the University, but failed. Instead he entered the Leningrad ship-building technical school and graduated from it three years later. Then he began to work in research institute "Shipbuilding technology", at the same time he studied in the Shipbuilding Institute.
   Since 1986 worked in militia, where he got acquainted with the heroes of his future books (cops from "Streets of broken lanterns"). Here he wrote his first book "Nightmare on the Stachek street". He didn't intend to publish this book. It was meant to be read only by friends. Nevertheless, it was published in 1994. At the same time he became the head of the department of premeditated murders and worked there till 1998, then left the service. In 1995 Andrey Kivinov was accepted to the Saint Petersburg Writers' Association. In 1999 got the Award of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the best book about militia.



  • "Nightmare on the Stachek street"
  • "Enclosed with wind"
  • "Fellow travellers"
  • "Absence of proofs"
  • "Safety variant"
  • "Hunting for rats"
  • "Enchanting dreams"
  • "Best regards, Larin"
  • "Petersburg present"


  • "High voltage"
  • "Inferno"
  • "Blues of autumn evening"
  • "Intrusion into private life"
  • "Plate, full of secrets"
  • "La-la-fa"
  • "Direct evidences"


  • "A doll"
  • "Two beers, please! (The trace of a boomerang)"
  • "Double intoxication, or hunting for the baboon"
  • "Thanks for the music"


  • "Made of waste products"
  • "Double"
  • "The doomed cop"
  • "Dance on ice"


  • "Death is served"
  • "Three small love-stories"
  • "Caramel"
  • "Caramel 2"


  • "Pseudonym for the hero"
  • "Ricochet"
  • "Death under a tractor"
  • "Cranberry in chocolate"


  • "Mission is feasible"
  • "Detective" - not completed.

   The script to the serials "Destructive power" and "Destructive power 2".

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