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Kiselyov Alexander Nikolaevich

   President of the Christian Democratic Union of Russia.
   Born in Sevastopol’ on May 19, 1950. After graduation from Leningrad Military Engineering School in 1972, he served in the army until 1991, from which he retired as a battalion commander. He participated in the development of Novaia Zemlya and the building of a land complex for the multifunctional spaceship “Buran.” In 1992 he joined the St. Petersburg branch of the Christian Democratic Union. In 1993 he participated in the election campaign of V. V. Savitskii, who ran for the State Duma in the 208th election district. In 1994 he was elected General Secretary of the Christian Democratic Union. In the same year he actively participated in the formation of “Democratic Unity of St. Petersburg”, an election bloc headed by A. Belyaev. A. N. Kiselyov was included in the organizational committee of the bloc and was a candidate for deputy’s position in the St. Petersburg Legislative Board. In 1995 he was one of the three leaders of the Christian Democratic Union who represented the party at the State Duma elections. In 1996 he joined the election headquarters of Boris Yeltsin as the deputy chairman of the organization bureau and the director of the Public Relations centers outside of Russia. In the same year he became a member of the consulting committee of the President’s office. At this post he conducted mayoral election campaigns of the Yamalo-Nenetskij district, as well as organized six assemblies of the party in Moscow and two International conferences. As a member of the Christian Democratic Union delegation from Russia he participated in the Congress of Democratic leaders of Asian-Pacific region in Seul. He keeps in touch with political leaders of Norway, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Latvia, and the USA. In December of 1997 he was chosen to represent St. Petersburg at the founding Congress of Russian Intelligentsia.
   As one of his major political views A. N. Kiselyov holds that the future of St. Petersburg, as the city of federal importance could only be possible by empowering it with more authority. It could be realized by transferring the State Duma office, a number of governmental committees, and even some of the federal ministries to St. Petersburg. It will enable the city to receive more federal aid from the state budget, as well as attract more investors and create more employment opportunities. Public opinion of many Russian regions and a deep understanding on behalf of people’s deputies and political leaders speak in favor of Kiselyov’s proposals. There is also a possibility of presidential support, for it will redirect the work of the State Duma from political questions to legislative work. St. Petersburg has great opportunities for locating and organizing the above-mentioned structures. The yet unclaimed intellectual potential of St. Petersburg scientists will contribute to the quality of the new laws of the State Duma. The proposed approach requires an immediate construction of International Marine Harbor, and opens a wide field for other investment projects.

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